Written by lynne

10 Jan 2014

this happened in Benidorm last year, six of us girls went on a hen weekend to Benidorm ,our theme was dress as nuns ,we are all in our twenties I have great legs and a large firm bust , I am 26 ,tanned with shoulder length black hair and to make the most of it my outfit was short and low with 4" heels and underneath just a tiny red g string ,no bra. ,we went out pretty late having a few drinks at the hotel, bars were pretty full with quite a few more, hen and stag does.

anyhow as the night and drinks went on ,we ended up in this back street bar off the main run , it was not very full ,there was 5 quite old men sat at a table and when we walked in one of them whistled ,we all got a drink, and one of the men asked what we were doing, we went over to them , they were English and a bit flirty ,we fount out their ages were from 72 - 83 and they went to Benidorm 3 months every year.

they bought us a few drinks , , we decided to move to another bar , but I still had a full glass so I told the others I would catch them up ,as I was sat down I noticed the old sods would keep looking at my legs and boobs , one of them asked if my legs were smooth and even put his hand on my thigh to find out. I finished my drink and told them I had to go ,as I stood up he put his hand up the back of my outfit and touched my bum.

I went out and looked for the girls but could not find them , so I thought I could stay by myself, go back to the hotel or have another drink with the old men ,I decided with the old men. I was just going to the bar as they were coming out ,they cheered when they saw me , they were going to another bar so I went with them , this bar was quite full, it was 1 30 in the morning one of them got the drinks in , he bought me one ,they went to one side of the bar so I went and sat with them they were stood up but I sat on a high stool, jim the older one who had touched me earlier said wait till you see this, and when I said what ,he said watch the girl at the bar. the girl was stood at the bar in a short dress and heels ,then this coloured bloke walked up behind her ,next minute they are having sex , turned out it was one of the live sex shows in Benidorm ,he was a good size and I was getting a bit turned on watching , he was fucking her quite hard , I was actually getting wet watching, one of the other men said something then said he aint as big as you is he jim, jim told me even though he was 83 he could still get a bigger hard on than that ,he said he used to make porn films in the 60s , he said things had changed over the years and in his days fannys as he called them were hairy. I told him it was common now to shave even I did it. he looked down and said what feel like , he put his hand on my thigh and moved it up , I said no some one will see but he moved in front of me, I opened my legs and he touched me inside my g string , I actually came on his fingers, he told me he was getting hard so I looked round to make sure no one was watching , put my hand in his trousers and felt him, he was big. after the show finished, some how we all ended up at their apartment, one girl in a skimpy nuns outfit and 5 oldmen ,a few drinks later me and jim are in a bedroom he is naked on the bed with a massive hard on and I am sat next to him wanking and sucking him. he lay me back opened my outfit , pulled my g string off and fucked me like I have not been fucked before , I cant believe how full I felt as he fucked me for a good 10 mins , for 3 hours until I got back to my hotel all five had sex with me , three even had anal sex ,I was covered and full of oldman come, my friends never found out, and as I am writing this I am touching myself , coming, thinking about my weekend in denidorm