Written by youngman

16 Aug 2008

this happened about early nineties when we about 20 years old. we had been married for about two years and it was what got the wife into older men.

at the time we lived next door to an old man called harry, he was quite fat ,hardly any hair and 82 years old, other neighbours said he was a dirty oldman.

this night we had been out drinking and when we got home ,i noticed harrys light was on and his curtains were slightly apart, so i had a quick glance inside and saw him laid back on his sofa wanking himself over a blue movie and his cock was huge.

i went and told the wife an she had a look and she said i bet that would hurt, so i told her to put on her tiny miniskirt and 4" heels and go to see him and i would look through the window to see what happens.

she put on the skirt and took off her panties and went round, i heard her knock and harry answer and they both went in. i gave them 5 mins and went and looked inside.

things must have happened quick because they were both naked and harry was between her legs fucking the arse off her. i watched them in different positions for 20 mins

and i wanked all over his window, then they finished . the wife stood up and got dressed and harry said something to her and she came home. she told me it was 10 and a half inches and about 2" across and he was a dirty sod and he wanted her to go back and go to bed ,she said he might be 82 but he can go forever.

i said if she wanted she could go back , so she did. and because his bed was near our bedroom wall i could hear the bed squeaking and her moaning as he fucked her, later i heard her say no it is too big ,but he still fucked her up the ass. she came home next morn and told me he had lasted for 2 hours and she had lost count of her orgasms, she also said that when he came in her mouth she swallowed it. this happened a few times until we moved house. but not the end of her oldmen fetish