Written by ilovexmas

28 Dec 2008

me and the wife went out boxing night for a few drinks.the wife is 33 , blonde a size 12 with a 35 25 36 figure and tanned.this night she wore a red dress ,red heels and a red thong.the dress is knee length but has split down the right side wich goes right up the thigh. we got home about 11 30 and noticed that old stans lights were on.stan lives next door ,he is a widower and is 79.

we were having a drink,when i said to the wife ,go bring him round for a drink,so she did.

he came round in his dressing gown and pajamas and i told him to sit down and i would get him a drink so he did.

i was in the kitchen getting him a drink ,when the wife came in with a viagra tablet and said ,here give him this ,i said your joking arnt you and besides,if he took it you wouldnt dare do anything, he is older than your grandad. anyway i went back in the lounge ,gave him the pill and a drink and said merry xmas stan. he asked what it was ,so i said ,just take it and you will see so he did.

at that the wife came in and sat next to him, when she sat down her dress fell open showing all her legs and for the next half hour or so we had a few more drinks,stan couldnt help glancing at her tanned thighs,then i winked at the wife and said i was going to visit a friend and on the way out i said have a good time stan ,be about an hour and left.

i went around the back of the house , thinking nothing will happen .the curtains were slightly open and the top sash was open so i could hear them. sue asked if the pill was working and stan asked what she meant ,she said it was a pill to get you aroused,then she took his hand and placed it on her thigh and when she opened her legs i saw she had taken her thong off then moved his hand up to her shaved pussy. she looked down and said i think it is working then undid his gown and put her hand into his pajamas. i heard her say,wow its big isnt it,stand up. stan stood up with his back to me and in a minuite he was naked. she sat him back down,then i saw he had an hardon a good 8\" long and thick. sue then started wanking him and sucking him then she stood up,dropped her dress off and straddled him ,lowered her self onto his cock and started fucking him ,i could hear her saying fuck me its big i am comming and i could see it was stretching her pussy as she rode it ,stan then said he was going to come,but she said come in me please,and she screamed as he did,he came a lot because as she got off him his come ran down his still hard cock and her legs.

sue then took his hand and said come on lets go to bed,stan said we cant your hubby will be back soon but she told him that i already knew,and off they went.

i gave them a few mins then went back, i heard them in the bedroom and by the time i got up there,stan was on top of her with her legs over his shoulders and he was fucking her hard and fast,you would not believe he was 79 the way he was going at her. sue was moaning but he stopped when he saw me but i told him to carry on as i stripped off, by now the viagra i had taken had kicked in and we both fucked her for a couple of hours.when we finished i told stan that she could stay at his house on new years eve if they wanted. will let you know later if she does