Written by Paul Carol

18 Dec 2008

Here is a follow on from my previous ‘Old Friends’ story.

After the first close encounter with my mate nothing happened for ages. Anyway about a year later an opportunity came up. A rock band we both liked was doing a gig in London. So I asked my mate if he wanted to see them. He did so I arranged for it to be a London Weekend Away.

The time came and we both got on the train and headed south. We found the hotel easily and checked in. We had both been drinking on the way so were quite merry by the time we arrived.

I said to my mate I needed a shower to freshen up after the journey. So I went to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. Got undressed and had my shower. I put the bathrobe on and came back into the bedroom. My mate was sitting in the chair. He had gone down for some drinks which were on the table beside him.

I went over to my bed and lay on the top. I felt nice and clean and had my balls in my hand playing with them under my robe. My mate at this time wasn’t looking. He was staring out the window. My cock began to grow as I continued to play with myself. When my weapon was fully grown I slipped it out from the robe. It was rock hard and throbbing. I called to my mate to bring a drink over. He turned around and saw my 9 incher being caressed.

He said ‘I knew something like this was going to happen.’ He carried the drinks over and put them on the cabinet. I took a drink. He asked if he could touch my cock. I said ‘You didn’t think we were coming all this way for nothing!’ He reached over and put his hand around my throbbing shaft. I lay there whilst he continued to move his hand slowly up and down my length. He was very gentle. Bringing his fingers to the tip of my helmet making it ooze with precum. He bent over and took the bulbous head in his mouth and licked the end. I was in heaven. His other hand had moved round to my starfish and he was pushing a finger into me. I had already put some KY around my arsehole in anticipation so he got in quite easily. Then another finger entered as he continued to wank and suck my cock.

I was concentrating on not shooting my bolt too early. But he was blowing me so much more expertly since the first time. I could feel myself build up inside. I gave out a long deep groan as my hot thick seed emptied into his throat. I shot again and again. Spunk was dribbling from his mouth. He ran his tongue around his lips to clean it off. Every last drop was swallowed. I lay there with a grin on my face. My cock still semi hard lying across my thigh.

He asked if I enjoyed that. You bet I said. Where did you learn to suck like that I asked. He told me he had had one or two (probably more) encounters since our first time. Well, I said you certainly know how to please a man.

I knew I had been selfish last night and told my mate. He said not to worry as he had been waiting to give me a real good blow since the first time. We spent the day sight seeing London and seeing the band that night. We got back to the hotel around midnight and went to the bar for a nightcap.

We got back to the bedroom where I poured another drink. I turned to my mate and planted my mouth on his, sticking my tongue down his throat. I had my hands on his tight arse digging my nails in. He responded by doing the same. I ran a hand round to his crotch and felt his cock stiffen up. My hands were now pulling at his zip. Wrenching his jeans off I released his cock. His cock stood up proudly in front of me. I went down on it like a crazed animal. My face was pushed deep in his pubes as I sucked and licked his cock. I could taste the saltiness as he began leaking precum and the beginnings of his hot fluids. He had managed to get my pants down by my knees and was wanking my cock.

I couldn’t wait any longer and went over to the bed. I lay on my back so he could get at my cock and arse easily. KY was applied to his fingers and my hole. My cock was still being molested by him. Precum oozing out. He started to push his finger into my hole. I felt the twinge as it entered. My arse instinctively tightening around it. Then another finger got in. He finger fucked me for a while then withdrew. He went down on me but not my cock. He began to rim my hole with his tongue. Then I felt his tongue enter. This was heaven. I was slowly wanking myself as he continued. He then sat up and pushed my legs apart and up. He positioned himself with his cock in one hand and his other hand fingering my hole loosening it.

He the approached me with his hard shaft pushing the head against my bum hole. I felt as he forced his helmet into my tight arsehole. I watched as he continued to ease more of his cock into me until he had fully buried himself. The sensation was ecstatic. I could feel his cock in me as it withdrew and entered again and again. He was pounding me like someone possessed. It was fantastic. I had hold of my cock with one hand, wanking it furiously with the other as he carried on fucking me. He let out that he was cumming. I said empty your sack in me. I want to feel that hot spunk squelch around my rectum. He quickened the pace and let his salty load drain into my aching arsehole. I shot my cum over my chest and face. I scooped my cum up and licked my fingers clean. I felt his cock slip from me and the hot liquid run down my arse crack. I reached down and lapped some into my hand and tasted it. Heaven.