Written by sue

4 Jan 2019

me and my hubby were in canary islands before xmas , we were in an apartment on the second floor , it was a bit quiet ,and in the bar below ,we got talking to tommy , he was there for his birthday , he was there alone and it was his 75th birthday on xmas eve .. he was a bit flirty after a few beers , but the fact he was 45 years older than us , we didnt take much notice .,

any how one night , i had on my white denim miniskirt and heels , no bra ,just a thin top , i was quite tanned ,and he noticed . he was sat opposite me at our table , he kept looking at my legs ,and i realized he could see my white panties . about 11 pm we all decided to go home , at the bottom of the stairs he gave me a quick kiss . Back in the room my husband said i think he fancies you , we joked about him been a bit old , then he said go down to his flat see what happens , so i called his bluff and did.

I knocked on his door ,he took a bit of time answering but when he did he was wearing his dressing gown, he was a bit shocked to see me, but invited me in. he asked why i had come and i just said hubby was asleep and i was bored , sat on the couch with a drink he was soon flirting again ,and when i stretched my legs out and mentioned my tan, he put his hand on my thigh and said smooth as well ,he kept his hand there and gradually as we had a drink ,he slowly slid it higher , he was soon at my pussy , i said careful , but he carried on and touched my smooth pussy , he moved in to kiss me , and first i moved away but he tried again and soon we were snogging ,as he fingered me i reached in his dressing gown , he was naked under it , so i played with his cock , but no matter how i tried he could not get hard ,we even got in bed ,he licked me to orgasm but even sucking him ,he didnt get hard ,, i said i have to go now , he kept apologizing, but i said dont worry.

i told dave when i got back ,he said we will sort it tomorrow . next day we went looking for a chemist that would sell us some pills and after a bit of looking ,one sold us some cialis .

we didnt see tommy that day , but xmas eve ,on his birthday we met him in the bar , when we were alone i gave him one of the pills , i said dont drink much and later i will bring your birthday present .

Later that night he went home early , i told my hubby i had given him a pill , and he said why dont you go home now , put that skimpy red dress on you have with them big heels and go visit him , say i am still in the bar, so i kissed him and went home , i put the dress on and went down to tommys, this time he answered the door, peaked round and said come in, this time he was naked and he was hard , he had taken the pill and it worked , dont get me wrong he wasnt real big ,maybe average about 6 " but the fact he was an old man and i was going to have sex with him , it got me going, we went straight to bed , and those pills work well because we had sex in different positions for a good 45 mins , he even came twice ,i came a good 4 times , he came in me and in my mouth , for a man aged 75 he had a bit of stamina, we lay on the bed worn out, for an hour , and before i went home it was xmas day , so we had sex again .

before our holiday was over tommy had fucked me another 3 times.