Written by Cheesypuff

29 Jun 2019

I was 33 and worked in a busy transport office. We were always on the phone and the job was 10-11 hours of hassle every day. I made a point of taking myself away from that environment and had an hour for

lunch every day. Chris was 53 and she used to join me, in summer we used to walk round the park. We got on really well and every day put the world to rights. We ended up

having a right laugh and told each other everything.

She could tell if I’d had a row with the wife or anything else wrong and there was nothing we didn’t tell each other. The first time sex was mentioned was when I made a joke about going off it - we did it once last night and only twice this morning. She then said I sometimes wish Mike (her husband) would go off it and proceeded to tell me about her sex life. They did it every night and every morning and even more on a weekend. And this had happened for the last 32 years more or less every day.

This lead to more frank discussions and she knew my favourite position and even fantasy which was an older woman, black hair in a ponytail, short skirt and black tights on. She told me lots of stories that had happened to her over the years and it’s these I want to share with you.

A lot are quite tame but I used to act them out in my head whilst fucking the wife. The first one was about her father in law and how she had to bath him when he was older. Every night she had his dick swinging in her face. She described his flaccid member bouncing around and how she had to peel his foreskin back to wash it properly. Sometimes he would get an erection and on a couple of occasions she had actually wanked him off.

Her brother in law was the source of another story when he got drunk at a family barbecue. Chris and her sister in law took him up to bed where her in law began to undress him. She instructed Chris to pull his boxers off. She asked if she was sure and she said if he can embarrass me by getting legless then I can embarrass him by showing his tiny dick to the world. So she pulled his boxers down and gasped as she saw his tiny penis. She told me it was like a little button mushroom, no shaft just a helmet on top of his balls. They left him naked on the bed and Chris said to her how small it was.

As she told me all this I used to get a semi on and sometimes used to struggle getting through the afternoon as I imagined Chris with these naked men. I got a full blown hard on when she told me the story of the doctor coming round to their house. She was in bed with a virus feeling shit so her hubby called the doctor out. He went upstairs asked her a few questions and then said right let’s have a look at you. He flung the bedsheet back to reveal a very naked Chris my tits and big black bush on full display. The doctor apologised and covered her up but still managed to see her tits as he listened to her chest.

So there I was my mind working overtime imagining her laying there naked. It was the words big black bush which caused my erection. She noticed it and I had to apologise and confess when she described her bush it reminded me of the time I saw my neighbours which I had to tell her about.

This did my situation no favours and she said to me to take it out and have a wank. I looked at her and she told me she likes to watch men wanking. So there was nobody around I undid my trousers and began to wank off in front of her. A few words of encouragement saying I had a big one etc and I was shooting my load. She handed me a tissue and said we’d have to get back to work. That day though things changed and our relationship became a lot more sexual which I will post about later.