Written by louise

26 Mar 2009

Please see part 1

Jane could see I was flustered by seeing her and Dave on the video,she put her hand on my tights covered thigh and asked if I had ever worn stockings? I shook my head. Well we`d better fix that she said,grabbing my hand she pulled me along into her bedroom. I followed very nervous but excited.

Kick your shoes off darling she ordered as she looked in her top drawer.And those tights too she added.I did as I was told,standing there in my black lacy bra and panties.She handed me a black lacy suspender belt. I nervously fastened it. Next a sheer pair of tan stocking with a seam up the back.She watched as I slipped them on. Let me help you she said,starting to fasten the stockings to the suspenders for me. He hands on my thighs was making me very wet and I was aware that I could smell my wet panties.

Very nice she said standing back to view me. You are never to wear tights or be bare legged to work again,understand? I nodded,feeling more and more submissive.

I slipped my white court shoes back on. Help me with this zip,I looked up and and she was pointing to the back of her skirt.I unzipped it and unfastened the button,she lowered it to the floor and stood out of it.She was wearing a blue blouse that covered most of her bum,but I could see her bottom was bare!

Turning to face me she undid the buttons of her blouse,shrugged of her shoulders and stod before me in her black lacy bra,suspender belt,stockings,heels ,her hairy pussy exposed.

Dave does n`t like women to be in knickers ,she explained.Looking me in the eye she murmered so you better take yours off.I just stood opened mouthed and she came over to me,her fingers gripped each side of my panties and she slowly started to tug them down. I moaned as the gusset pulled away from the wetness of my pussy.Oh dear she laughed,your knickers seem to have got wet as well as your dress.The feeling as the panties traveled down my nylon covered thighs was electric.Her face was level with my pussy as I stepped out of them.Lovely she murmered.

Turn around she ordered,as I did so she swiftly undid my bra clasp,my 36 c 19 year old breasts were free in a second. Instinctively I covered my bare boobs. My bra joined the pile of panties and tights.

Inspite of my stockings,belt and shoes,I`d never felt so naked.

Lovey nipples Jane murmered,I could clearly see hers straining her lacy bra.

Just then there was a shout from the lounge,I`m back sexy. It was Dave.

To be continued.