Written by Howie

18 Jan 2017

I'm reminded of an exciting incident that happened to me twenty years ago. I had just turned 18 and played for a local football team and after one particular game the manager (Neil) asked if he could have a word in private, he gingerly proceeded to tell me that he had met his wife when the were both 14 and neither had any other partners and his wife had never seen another penis let alone a large one like mine, he said it was the talk of the changing room with the other lads, and he had wondered if I would like to be the "stripper" for his wife's birthday, he said he would obviously pay me handsomely for it. Well the day arrived and feeling rather nervous I knocked on his front door Neil opened the door and beckoned me in he took me into the lounge where Neil's wife Lisa was sitting down, she was very petite 35 years old very pretty she had a Latin complexion and was slim with long dark hair,she sat on the sofa in low top showing her ample breasts a short skirt was showing a lot of thigh.

(I remember thinking she looked very sexy) Neil introduced her to me as her entertainment I soon coloured up of the thought of it.After a little small talk the drinks were soon flowing quite freely and after quite a few, we were all rather tipsy. Then Lisa said what do you have lined up as entertainment for me this lad looks very young? Well Neil said Howie's the talk of the changing room he's got a ... ...well a...... a........ "for fuck sake spit it out Neil" Lisa quipped, "he's got a huge cock" he blurted out, and he's going to let you look at it. Well come on Howie Lisa demanded let have a look, nervously I stood up and un-bucked my belt I slowly slipped my jeans down standing there in my boxers....well lets have a look Lisa said as I pulled down my boxers my cock flopped out... she said "oh my god, it's fucking huge" "can I touch it Neil answered "well it's your birthday present you do what you want" "i'll take the dog for a long walk and leave you two for a while" and off he went. As soon as the door had closed Lisa stood up came over to me"this is the biggest cock I've ever seen" she said can I touch it "yes" l nervously replied, she put her hand on my stomach and slowly slid it down to my cock she gently started to caress it , well it didn't take long before l had a hard on, we started to kiss passionately, l slipped my hand up her skirt she wasn't wearing any panties l could feel her shaven pussy it was very wet, she whispered in my ear "do you want to fuck me" l picked her up and moved to the sofa where we were just about to fuck when we heard keys in the door. l jumped up and managed to get my jeans up just as the lounge door opened. l quickly said "we haven't done anything mate honest" To my utter surprise Neil said "l didn't expect to find you here l thought you'd be upstairs" with that he switched on the TV and said "there's a film on late i'll be staying down here and watching it, are you staying the night Howie" l replied "where will l sleep" do l need to spell it out" . Lisa took me by the hand and we went upstairs to the bedroom, quickly stripped off and jumped into bed, I started to caress her massive tits her nipples were large and soon hard, my other hand gently rubbed her clit she was now so so wet, I slowly moved down kissing her pussy moving my tongue slowly over her clit and licking her cunt, she was groaning with delight. She told me she wasn't used to so much attention down there, "lay on your back" she whispered then she climbed on top "very slowly" she said a little at a time. i'm not used to it Neil's cock is small and our love making only lasts minutes,l started sucking her huge hard nipples., even though she was very wet it was still a tight fit, but eventually l had it all in we started to fuck nice and slow, she was squealing "fuck me fuck me fuck me hard, fill me with spunk" we fucked and fucked, in fact we fucked most of the night but l never unloaded my spunk (must have been the drink) we fell asleep exhausted. The next morning Lisa said she wanted to suck my cock she was giving it a good suck when the bedroom door opened,and without a care Neil came in and said "Jesus the boys were right your cock is massive, mind if l watch?"l was a little apprehensive but Lisa started to suck my cock it was rock hard in fact it was the hardest it had ever been l think it was the extra excitement of being watched. we were in the 69 position l was giving her cunt a good tonguing, she was soaking wet, we then assumed the doggie position and we started to fuck, Lisa was groaning and moaning, l glanced out of the corner of my eye to see Neil with his cock in his hand jerking off, at that moment l shot my load inside her, l did feel a little sorry for him but on the other hand his wife was a fantastic shag. I stayed the weekend and we hardly left the bedroom., Neil popped in now and again,We continued with this arrangement l stayed every weekend for about a year until l moved on to a different football club. l don't think Neil realized what a can of worms he had opened, After me Lisa had a thing for younger guys, last l heard was most of the lads down the footie club had fucked her. l often think fondly of her and wonder where she is now I have to say up to date she was one of the best fucks I've had.