Written by Jason

24 Jun 2008

I go back to my earliest days of naughtiness. I was having an affair with one of the office girls at work; during a fine few days in the summer we both played hookey and went down to the seaside by train, finding a little-known naturist beach on the south coast (a considerable walk from the station!).

L was a little shy at first: My boldness saw me stripped-off very quickly, but she took her time....blouse, skirt, slip, then after some encouragement her bra. L had lovely tits, small but with prominent nipples, which I sucked to exhaustion. My cock was pinned hard against my belly, which, again after some encouragement, she started playing with, eventually taking it in her mouth. Big mistake - I came! Sensing this, she pulled my cock away from her mouth just as I shot, my entire load over her hair, shoulder and starboard breast.

I would have loved her to have taken it in her mouth, but she said that was awful, and would make her sick. I laid back, the last of my cum dribbling from my now-deflated cock.

My hands played over her body, eventually carressing her still-knickered crotch: At last she lifted her thighs clear of the ground and slipped her panties off, revealing a full crop of sandy hair. My fingers were soon exploring her moist cunt-lips, probing deeper until her on-board sex-computer suddenly booted-up, her breathing and body motions now working towards a healthy fuck. L pulled me over and started deep-tongue kissing, her hips grinding urgently below...her hand sought out my cock and started wanking it fervently back to life....with almost indecent haste I mounted her, pushing (or was I pulled..??) into her very wet love-hole, and felt a huge wave of pleasure wash over her as I finally pushed my whole length deep within...she was grabbing my arse-cheeks, pulling me into her in a rapid, almost spasmodic rhythym. Then I came...again.. I keep thrusting for as long as I could, but mother nature had the last word, and I slipped out. Words like \\\'come on you bastard\\\' came from her lips as she still needed the useless cock to satisfy her....she almost screamed when she realised that I had shot my load again, and was hors de combat.

She lay back on the soft ground, quietly swearing in her frustration....and it was then that she spotted a guy sihouetted against the sun some ten yards away. She sat bolt upright, clamped her legs tightly together, not knowing what to say. The man spoke first, apologising for his intrusion but quickly adding that he loved seeing folk enjoy themselves, and was happy to join in if invited!

My first reaction was along the lines of \\\'bloody cheek\\\' but something about the mature guy\\\'s demeanour made me look at L to gauge her reaction. That may well have been tempered by her sight of his cock: He was sporting a decent semi, a good size, and in proportion with his tanned body.

And that is how it happened - he took over where I had left off, only a much better stayer, having entered L and brought her to orgasm once, her laid her on her side and entered her again, long, slow strokes, his tool pushing much deeper inside her womb. He even asked her where she wanted him to cum...I knew she was on the pill so no problem with bareback....and that\\\'s where she took his seed, he shuddered, paused, then shuddered again as he filled her with his hot love-juice, still thrusting slowly for nearly a minute afterwards, as she enjoyed her final orgasm.

L had loved every minute; laid back with her legs parted, she played with both our cocks, which hardened enough for another session...the stranger lay on his back, pulled L onto him, telling her that it put her in control, and let her ride him like crazy until she orgasmed yet again. Him pulling her arse cheeks apart led to another accomplishment: Her exposed arse-hole looked very inviting, my cock now solid, so with a lot of saliva and even more patience, I managed to ease my helmet into her bum. I had barely gained about an inch in depth when - you guessed - I came! It felt good, and the extra lube produced by my spunk allowed me to penetrate another couple of inches before once again my softening prick slipped out.

Then the piece de resistance...L\\\'s enthusiastic riding produced a simultaneous climax, the guy\\\'s back arching as he shot yet again, and L\\\'s own juices wetting their point of mating.

In the after-fuck, L sucked the guy\\\'s softening but still sizeable cock, while he massaged her breasts, thighs and fanny, the matted pubic hair testimony to a really good fucking, soon to be added-to my cum oozing from both her holes.

When he had gone, we looked at each other in silence, until I admitted that she had been properly seen-to by a guy who knew how to please a lady. I think, having discovered what she had been missing, that the end of our liaison was in sight, and we did part company soon after, but I still treasure the memory of seeing L being well and truly pleasured!!