14 Jul 2019

After our second encounter, things got hotter as I discovered how sexy and horny J was. She loved phone sex and describing what she was doing to herself - sadly this all took place before camera and video phones or things could have been even steamier! Later the same week, I was working and staying not far from where she lived and she suggested an evening rendezvous. She often went out for an evening walk so had told he husband she was doing this and set off to drive to a local beauty spot. She had arranged to meet me there and when I got there she was waiting, wearing a short denim skirt and a vest top, clearly no bra as her gorgeous nipples poked through, and I was soon to find no knickers as she held my hand and placed it between her legs, allowing me to feel her smooth pussy. We set off walking up the main path and then she led us down another and into a secluded field behind a stone wall. We started kissing and in no time she had my cock out and was sucking it...something she did exceptionally well. She told me how horny she'd been and how she'd made herself cum in the kitchen earlier that day as she recalled our session on her table. She took off her top and skirt and leant against the wall and asked me to lick her pussy...I knelt and she lifted one leg up to give my tongue access as I licked and sucked her smooth wet lips. I teased her for a few minutes, and then went for it, by now I knew exactly how to make her cum hard. I pushed two fingers deep inside her tight pussy and kept licking her clit, she moaned loudly and I felt the pulsation and wetness of her orgasm. I took my fingers out and she licked her juices off them and told me to lie down so she could sit on my cock. I lay on the grass and she wanked and sucked me again before straddling me and guiding my cock into her soaking wet hole, slowly lowering herself onto my hard cock. She moaned as it filled her and then started rhythmically sliding up and down and grinding herself against me. She leant forward and we kissed, then leant back allowing me to stroke and tease her nipples producing another orgasm which felt amazing around my cock. This was the first time she'd ridden me, the other occasions being a combination of missionary and doggy, and of course her lay back on her kitchen table. She clearly liked the control she had of the rhythm and pace as she took my cock deep inside her, but then said she wanted me to "fuck her hard from behind until I came". She then climbed off and leant over a fallen tree branch and parted her lips. I needed no encouragement and held her hips as I penetrated her again. She moaned and gasped as I built up the tempo and she rubbed her clit to bring herself close to another orgasm as we fucked. I knew I was close and asked her if she wanted me cum inside her again... She said "just fill my pussy" and I reached the point of no return and exploded, spurting my hot sticky cum into her as she reached another climax. I withdrew and she immediately took me in her mouth and licked and sucked me clean before lying back on the grass in the evening sun with her legs apart as globules of semen dribbled out of her freshly fucked pussy. She slowly fingered herself as she savoured the moment, licking her sticky fingers every now and then.... I pulled on my shorts and T shirt and she did the same with her skirt and top. We walked back to the cars slowly, and she headed home and I went to my hotel and lay on the bed recounting the evening as I stroked my cock. She sent me a text later to say she wanted more soon, and would come up with a plan!