20 Jul 2019

Apart from the first night we had sex, the majority of encounters were relatively brief meetings, or car sex etc. Our company was exhibiting at a trade show and J was responsible for managing the marketing/stand etc, and was there for the event and build up. I was sent to meet a client and have a look at the competition essentially, which gave us a great opportunity for a whole night together. She told our other colleagues who were staying at the main hotel that she was going to stay with her old Uni friend who lived locally on the second night, and would see them the following morning. Instead she checked in to another large hotel nearby, and the plan was I was to join her later.

I arrived later than planned and after a quick kiss and feel, I said I was going to get a shower. I got out and dried myself after she called "don't be long....I have needs!" I shaved and cleaned my teeth before walking naked into the bedroom to find her looking incredibly sexy....she had on a pair of stockings and black suspender belt, lacy black bra, and a pair of stilettos . Her bare pussy uncovered, she smiled at me and put one knee on the bed, bent over, and her hand appeared between her legs, parting her wet lips with her finger. Her vibrator was on the side and she slid the smooth silver shaft inside herself as I rubbed my cock and enjoyed the view - I can clearly recall the sight and sound of her wet pussy lips as she put on the show for me....

I knelt behind her and started licking her ass and pussy, she moaned as I probled her with my tongue, and placed the vibrator on the bed, preferring my tongue. I ran my hands up her stockings, I love stockings and suspenders and she never wore tights...She was soaking wet and always sweet and tasty, she was getting close to orgasm and I decided to make her cum, because my cock was more than ready for some action! She climaxed as I pushed two fingers inside her from behind and soaked my hand....no need for lube with this lady! I lay on the bed and we kissed, she pulled her bra straps down and lowered each nipple to my mouth in turn, moaning as I sucked them and she caressed my cock. I then told her to suck my cock and she slid down my body and took it in her mouth, licking and sucking as she caressed my full balls. She gave exquisite oral and I lay there running my fingers through her hair and guiding her as she sucked like a pro. After an amazing oral session she said she wanted me inside her and straddled me, with my cock in her hand she teased her clit with my knob before positioning it and lowering herself down my shaft, gasping as it went deep inside her tight little hole. She closed her eyes and rode me, unclipping her black lacy bra and then caressing her nipples and breasts as she gyrated against my stiff cock as I stroked her legs and arse. She built up to another orgasm and reached down to her clit to tip herself over the edge. As her orgasm subsided she climbed off me, took my wet cock back in her mouth and wanked and sucked me until I came hard In her mouth, swallowing every last drop before licking my cock and balls clean, and then she lay with me and we talked about various sexual encounters we'd had.

She knew I loved watching her touch herself, so as soon as my cock started to harden, she knew what to do.... I lay on the bed and she moved to kneel before me and started rubbing her pussy and fingering herself, looking me in the eye as she did. The vibrator then rejoined the game and she licked it before sliding the smooth shiny silver toy inside herself, closing her eyes and moaning as she pleasured herself. The sight soon got me erect again and she watched as I slowly wanked my cock to full hardness. I then told her to bend over the desk and proceeded to slip my cock inside her from behind, her favourite (or one of her favourite) positions... the only instruction I had was to "fuck me hard and fast" so I did, holding her hips as my cock thrust deep into her until I felt my second climax approaching, I thrust hard as my cock went into spasm and my hot cum jetted inside her pussy, triggering another orgasm for her as she swore and moaned loudly.

It was now past 8pm and we decided to go for some food, we showered together and then got dressed before heading off to a local pub, her looking amazing in a fitted skirt and top, holdups and heels....but no lingerie...