21 Jul 2019

We drove to a pub / restaurant a few miles away and sat at a quiet table in a corner. J had turned a few heads as we walked in, looking the epitome of a sexy 30 something in her above the knee skirt and great stockinged legs and heels. I smiled as I saw guys take a discrete or not so discrete look and recalled the last couple of hours as in the hotel bedroom....if only they knew. She had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and we were both getting very horny for each other again. I stroked her stockinged leg and once the couple at the next table moved, I was able to move my hand up and she parted her legs beneath the table, my fingers found her bare pussy and started rubbing her clit. She spoke to encourage me and said she'd love to cum in public...and wanted my cock inside her s soon as we got back if not sooner. The waiter collected our plates and the position of the table meant I was able to keep rubbing her pussy as he stood next to us. She started to writhe as soon as he moved away and I suggested she should stand partially and then sit on my hand, allowing her skirt to ride up. This meant I had full access to her pussy and it looked as if I had my arm around her. I soon had two fingers inside her and built up the tempo until she tensed up, bit her lip and swore under her breath as she came. I kept slowly massaging the inside of her pussy as she soaked my fingers. I removed my fingers and offered them to her to lick which she did as always, and we decided it was time to leave. We sorted the bill and walked out, eyes following her as her heels clicked on the wooden floor. We had parked at the far corner of the busy carpark which was now much quieter as diners left. We reached the car and started kissing and her hand went down to my cock...she rubbed me through my trousers and whispered fuck me here..... Luckily my parking spot was now well hidden by some 4x4's and I thought "what the hell"

She was in pure slut mode and I bent her over the bonnet and lifted her skirt. She was soaking wet after our earlier sessions and her fingering in the bar and I undid my trousers and started rubbing it over her pussy...."what would Dave (husband) say if he could see you now?" I asked...."God, he would die...." she replied! "He never gets me feeling like this, but would love to have this side of me!" She had already told me how he had become pretty useless in bed, wanting her to indulge his needs with no effort to arouse her, he would then climb on, cum quickly and go to sleep, leaving her to usually go downstairs to bring herself off...often whilst having phone sex with me! I must admit that the fact that she was married was an added turn on and his poor efforts were in my mind as I slid my cock into her as she bent over the bonnet of my company car! I knew we wouldn't have much time before someone appeared so this was all about fucking her hard and fast and cumming...leaving her full and satisfied. She moaned loudly as I took her from behind and climaxed again, which tipped me over the edge and I spurted my cum deep in her pussy before withdrawing. She stood up and pulled her skirt down and smiled "I haven't done that for nearly 20 years..." And went on to tell me about how she had an affair with her married boss at a marketing agency when she first left uni, and how he used to take her out to meetings with clients and loved fucking her over his car bonnet on the way back to the office... She then said "Does it turn you on hearing about my naughty past?" And I replied "yes". We returned to our room and she told me to strip and lie on the bed where she stripped down to her holdups and heels and we kissed and played as she told me about her sexual awakening with her boss when she was 22....how he'd showed her how to really please men, and how she realised how inadequate her boyfriends had been, how he told her what to wear and made her suck his cock and swallow his cum, how he liked to take control and how she loved being taken. Her stories had me rock hard again, and she wasted no time in climbing on and lowering herself onto my cock..... she knew I would last for ages and said she wanted a long slow fuck. I asked her how about her previous exploits and she asked about mine, as we both discovered a voyeuristic side.... I had at the time a vey attractive but sexually quite boring girlfriend... the type that men would look at and ogle, imagining raunchy sex, but in reality she was more interested in looking immaculate and smart than lots of sex and trying new things....women seem to get much more sexually adventurous and sexual in their 30's and 40's. I shared other experiences with J, which included various one night stands and experiences usually with older ladies.... She was clearly aroused by these stories and had several orgasms as she rode me. She said she wanted to feel me cum again and I joked that my balls were empty after cumming 3 times in 4 hours. She was not to be beaten and reached around and caressed my balls as her tight pussy gripped my cock..."imagine my old boss fucking me over his bonnet, and me having to sit in the office with his cum in my knickers" The thought was enough to get me to the edge and I felt another orgasm building and I soon released my remaining cum into her pussy. She had a quick shower and dried off before she pulled on a lovely lacy short black nightie and we got into bed.

We both slept for several hours and before I woke and she stirred. The feel of her silky nightie against my bare skin was a turn on an my hand started caressing her breasts through the thin material.... she purred, eyes still closed as I teased her hard nipples. My hand moved down and I started very gently rubbing her slit...she was half asleep and could have been dreaming as my finger barely touched her wet lips and throbbing clit. She lay in the darkness, with her legs apart and nightie up around her waist, enjoying my attention... I licked my fingers and kept on touching her for what must have been 15-20 mins, her gently moans and sighs confirming she was enjoying the slow sensual foreplay as much as the earlier fucking. My cock was now erect and I rolled her onto her side and positioned myself to spoon her. She let out a deep sigh as I penetrated her gently from behind and we lay there having a very slow sensual session for ages...my cock gently sliding in and out of her pussy while I squeezed her breast and stroked her nipple, and kissed her neck.... I then reached down and rubbed her clit as I fucked her and brought her to another orgasm, pulling my cock out and saving my next load for later as we both went back to sleep....