Written by Gardeners perks

21 Jun 2012

I have an older woman that lives a few doors away and I have been helping her do a bit of her gardening

She is well into pensioners age ,I am 36.

Last week she asked me if I wanted a drik as it was warmand I went in, she brought the tea and told me to come into the lounge as it was the only place in the bungalow with anywhere to sit

I sat down and had to adjust my bits and pieces as my shorts were a bit tight.

She sort of then glued her eyes on my crotch all the time we were drinking and her interest caused me to get an erection.

This made me more unconfortable and I had to wriggle a bit to get untangled

She then stood up and went into the kitchen so I stood up and sorted my bits out and sat down again.

I then noticed she was standing by the sink but could see into the lounge through a mirror so I thought if she wanted a view then sod it she could g have one.

I stood up again and made sure she had her back turned then lowered my shorts shook my now semi erect prick a bit, straightening it into a more comfortable position and then pulled them up again.

he then turned and came back into the room and sat down on the settee facing me and her knees were slightly apart

For her age she had a good figure and was very good lookingwith waht appeared to be fairly firm tits, or a very good bra and chicken fillets.

I fixed my eyes on her knees and she moved slightly her legs were now a bit wider.

My mind was in turmoil,what to do next.

the chance of a fuck was foremost in my mind wh she asked waht I wanted for doing the bit of gardening.

I told her she could give me what she wanted,then she said she hadnt a big pension but could she pay me any other way.

I aksed her what other way,did she want to make me a dinner or something.

Her reply shook me rigid,"Theres only one way to pay without money" atwhich point she stood up and came and sat on the settee with me.

She immediatly put her hand on my crotch and felt my stiff prick, the slowly she undid my belt and told me to take my shorts off.

No problem, they were off in seconds

She then leaned forwards and took my prick in her mouth and began a gentle suck at the nob end rubbing her tongue under the tip getting me harder still.

I lay back giving her full access as she slowly moved her lips down the shaft until 90% of my prick was in her mouth then she began to suck hard with her lips tight.

That was to much,I don't normally cum fast but she was fantastic and it took anly a fewlong strokes for me to cum off.

She didn't pause just sucked and sucked as my cum throbbed out draining every last drop from me.

When I slackened off she took her mouth off my prick, stood up, smiled and said "My lawn needs cutting soon"