Written by older woman

22 Jun 2012

Later that month I went back to cut her lawn as she had suggested

Took me about an hour,then I went and knocked on the door.

She called for me to come in, when I did she was standing there with some sort of silk kimono on which clung to her slim figure. her breasts stood out prominent and her nipples were very erect, sticking out through the thin material.

She told me to sit down and brought a tray out with a bottle and two glasses.

She poured the drinks, which turned out to be very strong Vodka and we sat sipping it and chatting for about 15 minutes.

I felt it had gone to my head and had a real glowing feeling when she stood up, moved the tray and glasses and then stood in front of me.

She asked if I was ready to play.

I nodded wondering what this would be this time.

She shook her body and the kimono fell to the ground leaving her completely naked

Her body was that of someone a lot younger ,firm thighs long slim legs and tits solid,not sagging and nipples erect with large red aroula.

She turned and walked towards the door and beckoned me to follow, at the same time telling me to get rid of my clothing.

I did as told and followed her into the bedroom where she straight away just flopped onto the bed and spread her legs wide.

I was by now full erect as I went towards her and intenced to just give her a good fucking when she held her hand up stopping me and said,"you had the fun last time,now give me a treat"

I approached and got on the bed and knelt between her legs and lowering my head I began to lick the inside of first one leg and then the other.

More to follow company just knocking on the door