Written by JP

18 Jan 2011

I've just read "Christmas parties and older married women" and it reminded me of my experiences over 30 years ago when I was a just 24. For a change we had gone for our Saturday night out to the old Squires nightclub in Preston and got chatting to a couple of girls - or more accurately ladies. One was tall and blonde which was my usual preferance and the other shorter and dark. For some reason I was attracted more to the darker haired lady as she had that indefinable sexiness about her. She was attractive, but not stunning, but just looked sexy. What I didn't fully realise at the time was that Helen was quite a bit older than me - which just added to the appeal!

We exchanged numbers (no mobiles in those days) and I rang her - only for the phone to be answered by her 16 year old daughter. We arranged to meet up and it was only at that stage that I found out that she was 36, divorced and the mother of 2. We went out a few times and I sensed that I needed to take things slowly as she was recovering from the divorce, but I did have something to thank her ex husband for, he had always insisted she wear stockings and suspenders and thankfully she continued to wear them for me.

The magic moment, when it came, happened after a night out at the Illawalla nightclub in Blackpool. We came out, sat in my car and the weeks of behaving myself just seemed to catch up with me - my tongue was down her throat in no time and my hand up her dress, over the stocking tops and homing in fast on her fanny. Of course I got the usual not here, only this time it was let's get home - so back to Preston with a raging hard on and a sexy woman just waiting to be shagged.

By the time we got back to her house we couldn't stand it any longer and just raced to her bedroom, stripped off and leapt into bed. There was no real finesse, just rampant shagging. I am not enormous, a useful 6" and of course she had had a couple of kids. I'd also had a drink or two and the overall effect was that I had plenty of staying power. Now Helen was only just over 5' tall and I was a 6', 14st, very fit rugby player, so it was not easy for her to accomodate me missionary style so we were soon into doggy. I will never forget the sight of her stretched out in front of me, hands gripping the top of the bed, stockings, suspenders and court shoes still on, as I just kept slamming into her. We made a dreadful racket (kids asleep somewhere in the house) as the bed shook and she screamed to a long overdue orgasm. She was always very vocal but this first time was something else.

This just spurred me on and I kept pounding away before turning her round and back into missionary. I couldn't get enough of her pert nipples and chewed on them as I continued to shag her for all I was worth. The only way she could cope was with her legs thrust straight up in the air which of course gave me fantastic access to her streaming cunt. She just seemed to keep on cumming as I built to an enormous explosion and just pumped away into her. It was just raw sex, but it was fantastic. I have never had sex like it and, of course, being 24 I was ready to go again in no time. Helen just wanted to be fucked, just pure unadulterated shagging and who was I to disapoint her! A pattern was set for the rest of our relationship with hours of rampant shagging and me creeping away home in the early hours - God knows how I played rugby on the Saturday.

Helen loved it, she just couldn't get enough although at times all she could manage was a blow job as her legs were just not long enough to cope with me - sadly my backside not my prick! We carried on seeing each other for several months even though by then she had a regular bloke and just saw me on a Friday night - basically just for sex. We talked about a threesome with her friend but it never happened. My final memory of her was in a pub car park after a night out. We weren't even in a secluded part, but I soon had her jeans and pants down and fingered her to an orgasm as others left the pub and went to their cars. By that stage in our relationship she didn't give a damn, she was just obsessed with sex and I'm sure it turned her on even more knowing that anyone looking in the car window would see her wanton display of lust. We later got back to her place and nearly had sex on the kitchen table she was that desperate for it.

Foolishly I finished our relationship once I started seeing someone else, but I will never forget my seriously sexy, rampant, older woman. Her need for sex and the noise she would make when she came. Helen must be 65 or more by now, I just hope she's still getting a good seeing to!