Written by davedare

21 Nov 2008

me and the wife are 32 and 36 .she has shoulder length blonde hair /5ft 5 with long tanned legs and a 35dd 26 36 figure. we were having sex the other night and as i was licking her shaved pussy she had an orgasm , i was a little shocked when she told me she had just fantasised that it was old bill doing it to her .Bill is an old 74 year old man that goes in a few of the pubs we go in, so i said to her if we get the chance i dare you to try it, so she said all right i will.

come the saturday night we were going out and i had forgotten all about it. i was down stairs waiting ,when she came in wearing a new dress she had bought,it was like a silk shirt with a belt around the waist, and with her heels it was very short. we had been around the town and when we dropped in the last pub ,bill was in sat by himself ,then i remembered what we had said, i went to get the drinks and she went and sat down with him , i got to the table and sat down ,she was sat across from me next to bill, i could see she was showing a lot of leg and he kept looking at them.

last orders went and when i was at the bar ,the wife came over and said bill had invited us back to his for a drink, so we all drank up and off we went.

we had been there for 20 mins drinking wine, and when bill went to the toilet the wife asked me to make an excuse to leave them alone.so when he came back i asked if anyone fancied a take away, they both said no but off i went. outside i walked to the window and as the curtains had a 2\" gap in them i could see them sat opposite each other talking,the wife then got up and walked over to get another drink and sat next to him. i watched them for about 5 mins and could see as she was sat facing him ,and her dress was quite high he could see her white panties.i then rang her and said tell him the Que is quite large and i will be about an hour that will give you plenty of time.

i then watched as she moved closer to him,took his hand and placed it on her leg,started to kiss him and put her hand on the front of his trousers on his cock. he looked shoked at first ,but then moved his hand between her legs to her pussy. she stopped kissing him ,looked down and undid his trousers and took out a quite large hard cock.she bent down and sucked it as he fingered her, then she stood up took off her panties and straddled him,loweing her self onto his cock and rode him.

they fucked for a min or two then she lay back and he got between her legs and fucked her properly,

he fucked her for 5 mins ,then he came in her ,giving her an orgasm. she got him to lick her clean giving her another orgasm then they both got dressed.i came outside and 10 mins later went inside.

we ordered a taxi and when we got home i told her what i had seen ,then i fucked her.

i told her that i might let her stay over night with him i we can arrange it and she said ,we can try