Written by old tease

18 Sep 2008

my wife is 23 and i must say very good looking , a 34dd 24 35 figure blonde and tanned with long legs. she works in a care home looking after old age pensioners. she spends a lot of time with an old bloke called stan and one day she had to bath him she said he got undressed and his cock was just hanging there very long and very thick.when she started soaping it he got a massive hard on,she told me she started getting wet handling it ,.so i said see how far he wants to go.

her uniform is a pair of trousers and a tunic ,and next day when she was in his room she slashed water on herself ,and she told stan she would have to take them off to dry.she locked the door and took them off and when stan saw she had no panties on and a shaved pussy he got another massive hardon , so the wife stripped off and got in bed with him then he fucked her till she orgasmed and he came in her.she told me that the old man was 60 years older than her but he knew how to please her ,he even licked her to another orgasm and fucked her up the ass.

she told me she was going to see if some of the other oldmen were as good

i will let you know