Written by oldrevenge

9 May 2009

i cant believe i did this the other night.i am 23 years old and a lot of men would say ,very good looking. i am blonde ,tanned and use a gym 3 times a week.me and my husband were out round the town the other night when we started arguing and he called me some horrible names. i ended up leaving him in the pub and started walking home. we only live about 10 mins from the pub.

anyhow i had been walking for a few mins and decided to take a short cut over some waste ground.

i had walked about 20 metres ,when i heard a Wolf whistle , i looked round and saw an old man sat on a bench but instead of walking on i went and sat next to him. he asked if i was cold with the clothes i was wearing on, which were a very short dress and heels .i told him about our argument and that it was a bit cold so he said ,come back to mine and get warm,i only live in that house there, so i did.

we were having a drink and he told me his name was ted and he was 76 years old and he said if he was 50 years younger he would do all sorts to me. at first i was shocked ,but then i said ,what does age matter ,took his hand and put it on my thigh just below the hem of my dress ,which as i was sat was about 2 inches from my pussy. he didnt seem to know what to do ,so i put my hand on his ,and moved it to between my legs and onto my pussy.as soon as he felt that i was shaved he started playing with me and to make it easy, i took my thong off.i was now naked under my dress and i asked if he wanted to take me to bed and have sex.he said he might not be able to do anything ,but it would be fun trying.

i told him to go get undressed and on the bed ,gave him a few mins and went in. he was layed on the bed naked,and he didnt have a bad body , i stripped and sat next to him and started playing and sucking his cock and soon got him hard, it wasnt that long ,about five inches ,but it was very thick , i then straddled him ,took hold of him and lowered myself onto him. we had sex for about 5 mins and he was sucking on my nipples which were rock hard. i orgasmed first ,then got off and finished him with my mouth ,he must have had a build up because i couldnt take it all in my mouth when he came. i let him lick me to another orgasm then told him i had to go.we got dressed and i even gave him a long kiss before i went home.

i went to bed and waited for my husband to come home but didnt tell him what i had done.

i wrote this on this site because i know my hubby goes onto it