Written by judy

26 Mar 2013

last time i wrote it was 26 feb about old gerry in benidorm,by the 5th jan he had fucked me 4 times, anyhow on the 5th he told us he was going home ,it was about 11 in the morning ,even though it was january it was still hot in the day and i had a great tan, i had planned to sunbathe that day and i had on my bikini on ,but to walk around in i had worn a short denim miniskirt and heels , we were sat in the bar having a drink when gerry turned up with his case , he told us he was getting picked up at 4 oclock but had to be out of the room by 12 , we had a few goodbye drinks and at about 2 i said to my hubby why dont we let gerry use our room to shower before he leaves , so he said i am going to watch the darts ,cant you take him . i asked gerry and he said yes ,thanks.

on the way to our room in the lift he said i am going to miss you and i said i will miss your cock to,

in the room he went to the bathroom and i did a bit of cleaning, as i was folding some towels ,gerry came up behind me, in no time he had undone my bikini top , he touched my boobs rubbing my nipples which were now hard , i could feel his hard on touching my leg ,and as i turned he knelt in front of me and pulled my bikini bottoms down, he kissed my thighs up to my pussy then started licking me i held his head and orgasm ed on his tongue then we were on the bed , we started in a 69 position ,but were soon fucking ,his big cock making me come , as he was fucking me he asked if he could fuck my ass , i told him i had never done it but he said look get on your hands and knees and we will see how we go he started fucking me doggy then i felt a liquid on my ass he had poured oil on me , at first he put a finger in me then 2 then i felt him pull his cock out and rub the tip on my ass , he pushed slowly and soon had his full length in ,at first it was hurting i buried my face in the pillow ,he started slow but got quicker and as i got used to it he got harder i started playing with myself as he fucked my ass , he said he was comming and were did i want it , i told him to come in my pussy , he pulled out of my ass entered my pussy and came in me and i mean came there was loads of it i felt him each spurt

then it was over ,we went down to meet the bus , we kissed in the lift on the way down and he touched me up and 20 mins later he was gone ,but not before i gave him my number