Written by lynne

24 Dec 2010

what i am writing happened the other night when me and my mates went out for a works do.and i have posted it because i know my husband reads these stories and he is working away so he can read it and wank thinking of me . my name is lynne i am 36 ,5 foot 9, with shoulder blonde hair and a good body size 12 with big boobs.

3 night ago 6 of us went out ,all girls and all in fancy dress . i wore a little santa suit ,it was a little red boob tube dress with white fur around the hem ,i also wore white hold ups which finished about 4" below the hem so you could see my tanned thighs between the 2 whites ,4" heels and a little white g string.

we had been in a few pubs when we went in one that was new to us ,there were a few people in , nearly all a lot older than us , i went to the bar and ordered a drink , an old man who was stood next to me told me i looked fantastic , i had made his xmas and if he had been 40 years younger he would have tried his luck .he went and sat down by himself at a table in a dark corner, anyway we drank up and as we were leaving i said to the girls i would catch up ,then went over to the old man , i sat next to him ,he told me his name was jimmy or jim for short, he was a widower and 78 years old, anyhow i said i had just come across to wish him merry xmas ,lent over and kissed him ,but he put his hand on my knee and moved it up to my bare skin , i said my your a dirty old sod and i dont know why but i took his hand and moved it higher ,his bony fingers touched me through my g string and when he found i was shaved he touched my pussy lips inside , i actually came on his fingers ,. i said i had to go ,got up and left.

later for some reason as the group got smaller there was just 2 of us left and we went back to the pub ,we sat with jim and about 1 am jenny left us and went home i told her i would be going soon and by 1-30 there was just me ,jim and the barmaid she called last orders so i got us a drink , i sat next to him and again he put his hand on my leg ,we were out of sight so i opened them and his hand went straight to my pussy , he moved closer , kissed me full on the mouth and fingered me to orgasm . i reached down and he had a big hard on ,i pulled away saying no i cant do this not here, then he pulled a packet out of his pocket with 2 empty spaces he said they were sex pills and last time he took them it stayed hard all night lets go to my house, i only live 2 mins away.

we went back ,we were sat on the couch when he said i will be back soon , he came back naked with his cock rock hard ,i was agood 8 inches with a big head and big veins all over it, he sat down pulled my dress down and sucked my hard nipples and as he did i wanked him and took off my panties ,and as we sucked and wanked each other i said take me to bed and fuck me ,i got on his bed and he asked me to leave my dress and heels on so i did, he lay back , i mounted him and we had sex for the next 2 hours at least i came that often i lost count and when i left at about 5-30 jim had come up me 4 times . i told him i might come to his pub again , will let you know