Written by pinks

23 Feb 2015

Ollie was in a great mood and we had laughed so much that day at work that she was putty in my hands. We discussed what we had done the night before while we had our dinner, she was a little embarrassed when I mentioned the foul language she had used during our sex but nevertheless she said it had been so exciting and just how she had played it over in her mind many times leading up to last night. This took us on to the subject of fantasies that we both had had. Hers was to have sex in a very unusual setting with a high risk of getting caught and after I pushed her to name a place she said that the cinema was a particular place she found very erotic in her mind. She then asked me what I fantasised about and I told her that I wanted to watch her and someone else having sex in front of me but whilst I was hidden and with a partner that she had chosen. At first she was a stand-offish and said that although she wanted sex with me it didn’t mean she wanted sex with just anyone, she went as far as to ask if I thought she was cheap. I calmed her down with a simple explanation that it was fantasy and couldn’t see her agreeing to it anyway.

The subject closed for a few hours and until we had had a few glasses of wine, when to my surprise, she brought it up again. She asked me what I had fantasised about her doing with this person, I told her that I had thought it would be very erotic to see her allowing someone to kiss her passionately, to touch her intimately through her clothes at first and for her to act all coy about this guy being a bit forward, before allowing him to delve deeper and maybe get his hands inside her clothes for some heavy petting and if she enjoyed the game to maybe allow him to get her clothes off for full on sex. Ollie asked where I planned to be whilst this all happened and I just said that the wardrobe would be a good place as long as I had a good view of the action. She asked me if I would masturbate whilst watching her or whether I could hold back until she and I were together when I could tell and show just how it made me feel. Her many questions told me she had been thinking about it and that maybe she would go through with it.

Ollie explained that she wanted to be in control (if she agreed) and that she would want to choose who it would be. I asked her straight, Do you want to have a go now? Ollie looked around the bar scanning for a potential partner, at first she said that there was no one that was obvious but then pointed out a middle aged gent sat on his own in the corner reading a book. I asked her why she chose him and all she said was, he looks kind, he looks like he is on his own and he was mature therefore likely to be gentle. Ollie went to reception and told them she had left her key card in the room and asked for a duplicate. When Ollie returned I suggested that she may want to perhaps go and sit close to him and try and strike up a conversation, her plan was to tell him she was Spanish, visiting a local company but did not like sitting alone having a drink. I explained that I would see how they got on and then if they seemed to be ok I would take her spare key and let myself into her room.

Ollie went over and sat at an adjacent table and walked close enough to him for him to raise his head. Look at Ollie and smile. Ollie was wearing a bright blue above knee length dress that had a zip the full length of the back of the dress, a low front which showed her breasts off and was figure hugging which showed just how slender she is and, she looked gorgeous. I kept my distance and after a few minutes a very nervous looking Ollie spoke to this guy, at first the conversation was a bit ‘occasional’ but slowly but surely this guy’s confidence came up and he was very flattered by Ollie’s attention. After about 15 minutes Ollie was giggling away at this guy’s conversation and he went to the bar and bought a bottle of red wine, got two glasses and returned to Ollie. The conversation flowed and about forty five minutes into the conversation Ollie excused herself and went to the ladies, within seconds she text me to say that his name was Tom, he was there on business, divorced (although wore a ring), he was flirting with her and had asked if she was married, what she was doing there and had repeatedly told her just how beautiful she was. Whilst Ollie and I exchanged texts our friend Tom went to the bar ordered two vodkas and returned to his seat, I watched him then pour one of the vodkas into Ollie’s wine and necked the other straight down, I assume this was his dutch courage.

I didn’t mention the vodka to Ollie as I felt that it may help her relax a bit and purely selfishly, thought she may go a bit further than anticipated. On her return to Tom they got very close to the bottom of the bottle of wine at which point I text her to say “give me ten minutes” and see what Tom wants to do. I thin went straight to her room. In her room I found my hiding place but before taking my position I noted that she had left her clean underwear on top of her case, I could resist a look and smell to remind me just how sexy this lady was. I placed the underwear on the bed and within my view. I then took up my hiding place.

After about five minutes I heard the lift doors open and some laughter, it was Ollie for sure, I remained motionless. I heard the door open and for the first time a little man’s voice with a Scottish lilt. He asked Ollie if she would like him to make a coffee to which she replied yes that would be good and that she was just nipping to the bathroom. There was a clank of cups and then I noticed he had spotted her underwear on the bed, he picked it up and held it momentarily to his nose before carefully placing it back down. With that Ollie flushed and opened the bathroom door, she noticed the underwear and apologised for leaving it out to which Tom replied that it was very sexy underwear and a long time since he had seen some. Tom finished the coffee and Ollie took hers and sat on the bed closely followed by Tom. There were a few minutes of awkward conversation before Tom started to compliment O on her beauty and wondered why she had invited him to her room. Ollie explained that she felt lonely and out of all of the people in the bar he looked the most likely to be a nice man. Tom finished his coffee, took Ollie’s now empty cup from her and asked her if she would let him give her a wee kiss to say thank you for making his evening, Ollie agreed and Tom moved in with a full on lip-smacker with his hand held firmly on the back of Ollie’s head, I could see that tongues were involved. Ollie was responding and Tom made his move, his hand went down her back and rested just above her bottom, there was no rejection from Ollie. Tom then slid his hand round O’s waist and let it lay on her thigh, still kissing her full on the lips, still no rejection from O.

O allowed him a few more liberties but noticeably pulled back when his right hand brushed over her breast. Tom immediately apologised and excused himself by saying it had been a long time since he was in this position. Tom then went back to kissing O, firstly on the lips and then moving to her neck (which she loves), Ollie’s arms went around his neck, looked towards the wardrobe and winked in my direction. Ollie then took Toms hand, firstly placing it on her thigh but then moving it to her left breast, holding it there whilst he kneaded it over her dress. Tom saw the green light and slowly but surely moved his hand from her breast down her side, over her thigh and to the hem of her dress. He inched his hand ever so slowly under the hem and partially up the inside of her dress. Ollie then realising what he was doing, pulled his hand out. Tom again apologised. I was by this time rock hard and willing her to go further.

Ollie stood up from the bed and just in front of the wardrobe where I was hiding, Tom thinking it was home time stood up with her but before he wished her good night Ollie threw her arms around him and sucked his tongue from his mouth. Tom wasted no time to cop another feel and his hand came around her back and perched on her very pert arse. Tom was squeezing her cheeks with both hands, I could hear Olga sighing with enjoyment. Tom then moved one hand up the back of the dress tracing the line of the zip, on reaching the top he very deftly started to pull down the zip, little by little. Ollie was letting him and over a few minutes he managed to get it down to her waist, exposing her black bra straps to me where it gaped at the back. To, with his other hand then pulled the zip lower and lower and until it came apart revealing very cute arse with a small line of thong material dividing her arse cheeks. Tom them placed his hands on the bare flesh of her arse, peeling her arse cheeks open and then closed just inches from where I stood, I was about to explode.

Ollie then went through a short conversation that told Tom she never did this sort of thing with strangers but she liked him and he was so gentle. Tom kissed her again took a half step back and pulled the dress from Olly, it dropped to the floor leaving her stood in front of this very lucky Scotsman in just her black balcony bar and matching thong. Tom’s hands then went straight to her breasts whereby he squeezed the flesh very firmly whilst pulling the straps from her shoulders, Ollie undid the clasp and to Toms visible delight (a rock hard lump in his trousers) exposed her very beautiful breasts. Tom leant forward and taking each nipple in turn sucked them until they were very erect.

Ollie started to feel Toms cock through his trousers and very quickly undid his belt and let them drop to the floor, Tom wore blue boxers. Ollie placed her hand on the waist of his pants and pushed her hand inside, the look on her face told me he was of reasonable size as she motioned his cock back and forwards. Tom’s knees were shaking, here he was, standing in a beautiful Spanish lady’s room having his cock felt whilst she was stood there in just a very small black thong. Ollie sank to her knees and knelt in front of Toms bulging pants, pulling them slowly down his legs until his cock bounced free, Tom held the base whilst Ollie lick his length before gorging his cock inside her lips and to the back of her throat, Tom started to swear at her actions and held the back of her head whilst she had it close to the back of her throat and released when she gagged. Ollie started to wank Tom off, all the time looking up at him, faster and faster, after a few jerks then taking him in her mouth, Tom and I were in heaven.

Tom pulled Ollie to her feet and they kissed for a while , Tom squeezing the life out of her tits. Tom then pulled his hand to her waist and with an open palm slipped his hand into the waist of her thong easing it down until he got to her very slightly hairy pussy, Ollie pulled back a little but it was out of ecstasy rather than a tease. At the point Tom got his fingers wet Ollie let out a whimper, eased up on her toes and met his finger length with a downward push onto her soles. At this point Tom went into a bit of a frenzy, he pulled her thong down her legs and pushed her back onto the bed, he pushed her legs apart and thrust his head onto her visibly dripping pussy, licking slurping, kissing and grunting like an animal. Tom was so much engrossed in what he was doing enabled me to open the door slightly to get a better view, Ollie looked so erotic, her cheeks red with passion and her eyes closed firmly whilst getting eaten by this stranger. Ollie could take it no longer and demanded that Tom “fuck her”, he ripped off his shirt and socks and threw himself on top of her, the point at which he entered her Ollie let out a loud scream and started her usual rant about fucking her, sticking his cock in her, how she like a hard cock. Tom was fucking her like a madman, his face red with the heat of the situation, pounding into the Spanish beauty whilst she spat angry requests to him “fuck me harder” “Harder” “fuck me with your great big cock”. Tom pulled a face and announced he was about to cum, Ollie told him to pull it out and cum on her tits, Tom doing as he was told extracted just before shooting his spunk all over her stomach ,tits and shoulders, visibly shooting it at her whilst screaming with his delight. Ollie loved it and massaged the spunk into her flesh whilst rubbing her clitoris with her free hand she was totally spent. Together they slumped on the bed, giving each other compliments on the performance.

After a little while Ollie announced that she wanted to take a shower and that she felt that Tom would perhaps like to go back to his room. Tom asked if he could see Ollie the next day and although she said yes, knew that she and I would be leaving after breakfast. She kissed him and saw him to the door.

As soon as the door clicked closed I shot out of the wardrobe ripped my clothes off bent her over the bed and made her let me have sloppy seconds. Ollie was exhausted and we just slept after that. We often recount what happened when we talk on the computer and she gets visibly excited when I remind her what she did. I wonder what we can do next??