Written by Hidden Faces

3 Mar 2017

"Paul" had called me but I had missed his call. About a week later, he called again. Initially, I had no idea who the caller was, I didn't save his number.

I was working the night he called, we arranged to meet the following night.

He travelled from up North to meet me for a drink as he was attending some meetings for his job.

When I arrived at the pub,I called Paul to let him know, I was outside. He greeted me outside, luckily, he was like his picture on his profile.

I was going to buy both of us a drink but he insisted that he would buy them.

We took a seat in the comfy chairs and I took my coat off. I hadn't realised that my jumpsuit had fallen down.

Not only did Paul get an eyeful (yes, I was wearing a bra) but also a elderly man that sat nearby.

I was so embarrassed, immediately pulling up my jumpsuit and sitting opposite Paul, just in case it happened again. He said he wasn't sure if that was how the top was..Ha ha.

We chatted about the site, meets, experiences etc. Including, Paul revealing that he had a 3some with a mate and the mate's now wife.

There was a bit of flirting between Paul and I. I was getting turned on. We decided to go to a hotel. We had a little snog in his car and he sucked my nipples. I got out of his car and followed him to the hotel in my car.

On arrival, I was going to pay for the room but Paul, kindly got his card out to pay.

Just as got near the lift, Paul gave my bum, a cheeky spank. When we got in the lift, Paul and I were snogging.

When we got in the hotel room, Paul stripped me, taking a good look at my bum.

We started to kiss, he was groping my boobs then sucking on my nipples. I was enjoying the way he sucked them.

We did missionary, me on top, doggie, me on my back with my legs over his shoulder. He said his cock had never been ridden, that good before.

It was all too much, Paul almost came. He went to the toilet, what may have been, him cumming in the toilet. Anyhow, I suggested to take a shower to give him a break.

As I'm in the shower, Paul shouted that he had to call his boss as several missed calls from him. I said take the hotel key card to let himself back in.

When I got out the shower and walked into the hotel room, the hotel key card was still on the table. Paul's clothes, shoes and keys had all gone.

Oh my goodness, please tell me, he hasn't done a runner. It was confirmed by Paul sending me a text to saying he had to go as his "boss" had called him 3 times.......

Paul couldn't help himself by looking at my profile a few days after...Ha ha.