Written by mia

27 Nov 2017

A month before I was due to get married my boss asked me to go to Miami with him as an interpreter to promote the business. When we got on the plane my boss had booked his seat in business class and left me sitting right at the back of the plane. I wasn't very chuffed about that but heyho. The chap sitting next to me gave me a charming smile as I struggle to get onto my seat with my black pencil skirt. As I sat down he looked at me and smiled again and I thought to myself that this flight was going to be interesting and testing too. When the airhostess came to offer drinks he ordered champagne and two glasses. He offered me one and I couldn't resist. After the champagne our arms started touching and I saw him looking at my tight white shirt. He could see my bra as I hadn't realise that it had become unbottoned. I then looked at his trousers and I saw he had a big hard on. By then with the effect of the champagne, his seductive smile, his muscular body and that big hard on, I had forgotten about my fiance and the wedding and all I wanted was his hands in my knickers to feel how wet he had made me. I parted my legs apart and pull up my pencil skirt a little just so he could see my stockings and suspenders. His reaction was immediate and his hands went onto my thighs and slowly but surely up my knickers, which by then were well wet. I then parted my legs apart a bit more and he socked his finger and touched me inside. Oh the pleasure. He continued to touch me until he made me cum again and again. He then wispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me in the toilet. He went in first and I followed him. Once there he fucked me hard from behind cuming all over my wet pussy while strocking my breasts. I never saw him again after but I will never forget that trip.