Written by Sally

10 Nov 2012

It's been 2 weeks now since my nights of pleasure with Tara and it's been a really hot 2 weeks. As you may remember Tara had told the barman in the hotel that I was a high class escort and the barman had managed to get me some business at the end of the night.

I got a text from the barman on the Thursady asking mme to go in and see him the follwoing day, to have a chat and discuss future arrangements. Friday came and I bathed and titivated myself. I wore a black silk blouse, black over the knee skirt, matching hold ups and high heels - no underwear. I walked into the bar and he was at the opposite end and I could see him smiling. He came over and asked if I'd like my usual, a large vodka and diet coke and boy was it large, it must have been a quad. I sat at the bar and chatted away with the barman, whose name was Phil. He was very keen to earn some extra money and he saw me as a route for doing just that. I said that it was going to be too expensive once I'd paid him his 20% and the price of a hotel room. He told me not to worry about the price of a room, he'd take care of that as he knew the chief receptionist. I said that it looked more interesting know and agreed to help him out. 'OK', he said, 'will you start now?' 'I don't know, I've nothing with me.' 'Listen all they want is your body and you've got that, haven't you?'he said. I agreed and he pointed to a guy sat in the corner. 'He's looking for so company and he know he's got to pay.' He was a young guy, probably about 24 or 25. I went over with a new drink inhand and chatted away to him. He explained that he was getting married the following day, but was a virgin and didn't know what to do. I thought all my birthdays had come at once. I've never had a virgin before and was getting paid for enjoying myself.

Phil had got a room key and passed it onto me, as he was clearing away the glasses. We went up in the lift, where I told him that he should do everything that I told him, irrespective of what he thought. He agreed timidly. I opened the door and went into a huge room. I turned round and pulled him to me and gave him a long kiss. Initially I could feel him trembling, but he soon relaxed. I took of his clothes, slowly, but deliberately, leaving him in his boxers, with a huge hard on. I told him to unbutton my blouse. He seemed to be all fingers and thumbs as he struggled with the buttons. He then unzipped my skirt, letting both drop to the floor. He stood back with an open mouth. It was obvious he'd never seen a woman in the flesh. I knelt down in front of him and took his unused cock into my mouth and sucked as hard and as fast as I could, knowing that he'd probably shoot his load quite quickly, which he did. He was very apologetic, but I reassured him that even the most enperienced male could end up doing the same.

I took his hand and led him over to the giant bed. I lay down and told him to touch every part of my body. He was very gentle and in no rush. He took my breasts in his hands, weighing each one and comparing the 2. He took my nipples inbetween his fingers and tweaked them, sending a tingle through my body. This young inexperienced man was starting to turn me on. His mouth came down to the nipples and started to suck hard, which was again having the desired effect. I steered him downwards towards my pussy and told him to lick me. He hit the spot straignt away and he realised that it was good for me, as I arched my back. I could feel his young cock coming back to life as I wanked it. I told him to put it in me, as I wanted him now. He obeyed and sank his now hard cock into me and proceeded to pound me hard. I came within minutes and could feel him getting bigger inside me, he certainly wasn't going to come too quickly this time and after a few minutes we came almost together. We cleaned each other up and dressed. He paid me the £100, as agreed with Phil, we kissed and he left.

I went down to the bar to give Phil his cut. The bar was empty, but I saw a room open at the end and went over. Phil was inside stacking some bottle. He motioned me in and closed the door after me. I offered him the money and he said 'What's the chance of a freeby?' My goodness, he wanted to fuck me there. Hold on he said, as he moved over to the door and locked it. 'See the keg over there?' he said. 'Go and bend over it.' I did exactly that and he came up behind me, lifted my skirt and brought his thick cock level with my glory hole. I felt him lining it up and then he pushed into me. It really felt good. He had his hands round in front of me and unbuttoned my blouse taking my breasts in his big hands, squeezing them hard. I came as the intensity of it all rushed through me. Neither of us were in the mood for a long drawn out fuck. It had to be quick. It was over in minutes. I buttoned my blouse and adjusted my skirt. "Right, I've got 2 regulars coming into the hotel in the next hour. Get up to the room and I'll send them up when they arrive'. 'But I only came in for a chat' I said. 'Listen,' he said, ' I have no intention of losing £40. Off you go now and do what you do best.'

I did as he commanded and this turned out to be a long, long night, which I'll tell you about later,