Written by Siobsy

13 Mar 2014

This happened last summer. It was my grandads 80th and as a treat for him the whole family was supposed to be going to stay at a holiday park in great yarmouth. not that fancy i know but it was where we all used to go when i was little. The problem was that first off both my brothers decided they couldnt make it and then my husband decided that he didnt want to go either. I was so pissed off with him, and thought to hell with him i was going anyway. so in the end it was just me my mum my grandad and nan all staying together in a mobile home. Not the best, but what can you do. Anyway the weather was great and my grandad was having a good time lots of ice creams on the beach ect. but it was a bit on the boring side, so my mum suggested that me and her have a night out on the saturday before we left. During the day me and her decided to head into town and treat ourselves to a bit of shopping. I was going to get some new trousers and a nice top, but my mum decided id look better in a dress, my mums a bit pushy and in the end i got one just to shut her up, it was just above knee length purple and showed a bit more cleavage than id usually go for.

The holiday park where we were staying was huge and had a couple of bars and a club so we decided we would just give it a go there and head into town if it wasnt any good, so me and my mum got ready at about 8, put on our new clothes bit of make up and were out the door. Im 26 by the way, 5'7 size 14 with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. my mums 46 got curly brown hair blue eyes and a size 24.

The bar was actually really busy and we soon got ourselves some drinks and having a chat and a giggle. It was nice being out especially after spending 5 days in a mobile home. I nipped to the loo and when i came back there were a couple of guys chatting away to my mum. they introduced themselves as Kev and Andy, and had already got me another drink in. They seemed like a good laugh, they were both in there early 40's and were just spending the weekend at the park from london. Andy was having a good laugh with my mum he was a bit of a piss taker, but in a funny way, he was about 5'10 witha shaved head, stocky, bit of a belly, while Kev was chatting with me, he was about the same hight as andy and stocky too but not as big as Andy with a couple of tattoos he said he got in the army. They kept buying us drinks and shots, and were telling loads of jokes, was a good night really. It came to about midnight when the bar was closing and we were hoping to go over to see what the club was like, but when we walked over there it turned out it was closed for refurbishment. seemed like a stupid time to be doing it in the middle of summer. Thought that would be the end of the night, but Andy and Kev asked if we wanted to come back to their mobile home for a few more drinks. My mum said sure straight away without even asking me, but to tell you the truth id had loads to drink and more drink did sound like a good idea lol as it always does at the time.

Back at theirs we all sat in the living room area and they passed round some bottles of beer. we were still having a really good laugh and joke, me and kev went outside for a smoke and when we went back in i was a bit shocked to find my mum and Andy snogging eachother, Kev shouted "oi oi" and they both stopped for a min and burst out laughing,then Andy grabbed my mum again and started snogging her again. I didnt really know where to look to tell you the truth, then i felt Kev take hold of my hand, i looked up and he nodded towards the back of the mobile home where the bedrooms were. I dont know what i was thinking but i just let him lead the way. It must of been all the drink, because it really isnt something id normally do. At the end of the little corridor there were 2 bedrooms and Kev led me into the one on the left. As soon as we were in there his hand were all over me while he was kissing me and pushing his tongue in my mouth. we fell back onto the bed and carried on kissing while kevs hand went up my dress and started grabbing my bum, it always really gets me going having my bum squeezed. we both started pulling at eachothers clothes, kev helping me pull his t shirt off and get his jeans off, while he almost ripped my dress trying to yank it off. he had his hand inside my knickers rubbing my pussy when he heard loads of giggles and stumbling as my mum and andy went into the bedroom next door. Kev was fingering me while i wanked his cock as we carried on kissing, i was so horny i think because i was so drunk and what i was doing felt so naughty. Now the walls in mobile homes are like paper, and while me and kev were doing all this we could here gigles and stuff from the next room, then all of a sudden we heard a really loud moan followed by a "oh fuck!" kev had rolled on top of me, and said in my ear " shes gonna fucking love it Andys hung like a donkey" with that kev pushed his cock into me and i let out my own moan. iv never heard other people shagging before but i was so drunk that it just made it more naughty as Kev kept fucking me. Kev screwed me to a huge orgasm before he pulled out his cock and cum all over my tummy and pussy. i layed back and closed my eyes, it wasnt long after that things went quiet in the room nextdoor as well.

Kev said something about prefering to sleep out on the sofas and left, romantic i know! but i didnt care to be honest. I must of fell asleep, i woke up, well half woke up feeling someone playing with my pussy, was one of those moments when your not really sure if your awake or not. the nights events flooded back to me and i thought it must be kev come back in for another shag, i was half tempted to tell him to sod off, but it was feeling really good. i opened my eyes, and got the shock of my life, when it wasnt Kev standing beside the bed but Andy. I didnt know what to do, i was about to tell him to stop when his fingers felt like they went into overdrive rubbing my clit and i had gigantic orgasm, i couldnt speak if i wanted to, my head went back, eyes closed shaking all over. And still he carried on fingering me, then i felt something push against my lips and as i opened my eyes andy was pushing his cock into my mouth. Kev was right this guy did have a massive cock! i could barely get my lips round it. to this day i dont know what possesed me that night. but i acted in a way i never thought i would. I sucked his cock, then he pulled me round so he could pull me legs apart and started pushing his cock into me. now i know why there was such a loud moan earlier. he stretched me to my limit, and then started fucking me, slowly to start then building up faster and faster. i must of cum about 3 times and still he carried on fucking me. I had to tell him to stop in the end, he was just too big and i was getting sore. i said to him "god dont you ever cum?" sorry he said its cos iv cum already tonight! then it kind of struck me! oh my god what have i done. Andy said "you cant leave me like this!" pointing at his hard on, but i just couldnt. Andy left the room and i got dressed and went and sat outside for a fag and a think. waiting for my mum to get up so we could go. but about 2 mins later i could hear the obvious sounds of shagging from the room she was in. andy must of gone back in there. filthy fucker!