Written by Luckylucy

10 Feb 2016

After Bob and i had invited his pal Derek into our bed we had a lot of great fucks having two men fuck is just awesome. We talked about maybe inviting someone else but were a bit unsure who to approach this was before we found SH. So we just invited Derek and Derek appeared at our house a few times when he knew Bob was not at home with some excuse or other but he could not keep his hands of me and at first I said no only when Bob was there but I did revert to old habits and happy to give him a wank, the feel of slimy spunk on my hands just sends a quiver through me. One time he caught me at a weak moment and after I started to wank him his hand went up my skirt finding my pussy and the next thing he had me over the arm of the settee going hell for leather with my knickers round my ankles. When Bob came home I told him I had let Derek fuck me and he was okay but asked lots of questions what we did how we did it and soon he was slipping into my wet slippery cunt.

As we had not had a summer holiday we decided to have a break in the middle of September and of course discussed what we would do if we met someone we wanted to fuck. When we arrived at our hotel well, found we were the youngest couple there so unless we met someone in a club did not think we would have much luck. Our first day by the pool we got talking to Bert and Katy, he about 60ish retired, she at least 10 years younger and the only way to describe her was a taller version of Barbara Windsor. Bert was very chatty but Katy not so much more interested in the fashion magazines she read and wondering id she could get knock of fashion in the little market near the hotel. Katy even when sun bathing had a full face of make-up on and a lot of gold jewellery. The second night we were there there was terrific thunderstorm and all the lights fused the hotel staff put out candles to give us light but they did not think it would come on very quickly. Katy, myself and Bob were siting on a couch Bert on a chair, Bob went to get us more drinks and Katy said she was of to bed as she was bored. As soon as she left Bert moved beside me on the couch siting very close his thigh pressed against mine, we talked and then I felt his hand very lightly on my knee. Bob came back with the drinks, he noticed Berts hand but ignored it and when I did not push his hand away Bert squeezed my knee then still lightly moved a little further up my thigh again no move on my part still talking he pushed my dress further up my thigh his hand now resting on bare skin. I turned to Bob and pulled his head down giving him along wet sexy kiss. I could hear Berts breathing starting to quicken his fingers now on the edge of my panties. Bobs hand went between my legs pulling my legs apart joining Berts at my panties . First his finger then Berts slipped inside my panties there fingers trying to both get to my hole. Now my hands were on there crotch giving them both a rub through there trousers and both very hard. I turned to Bert his face red a a sliver of sweat on his top lip we are going to our room for a shag want to come. I stood up Bob pulled my damp panties down and I stepped out of them Bob gave them to Bert who put them straight his nose and we all went to our room. Bert watched as Bob and I stripped of and then we fingered and probed each other, Bert just watched his eyes glittering with lust until Bob mounted me from behind and then with a groan Bert stripped and fed his cock into my mouth. Bob rode me and I sucked Bert dry. When we had all cum we took a breather I even asked would not Katy be worried if you don not get back Bert just laughed. She will know what I am doing we had already discussed if you would be up for a 4sum we are regular swingers, members of a club near where they live. He explained about the 2 of them he married for 25 years she a staff member of a company he was MD of. Every lunchtime for 3 years she came to his office locked the door and gave him the best blow job he had ever had. One day I was entertaining a client when she appeared at the office for our lunchtime blow job, I was about to make some excuse to get rid of the client when all she said was a well two cocks to suck, he was young guy so could not believe his luck and she sucked us both of. When I was due to retire I realised I wanted to be with Katy my marriage was just meandering along wife as long as I paid the bills and no scandel really did not care what I did. So here we are 3 years on now married and having the best sex of my life.

Well for most of the holiday was spent fucking Bert and Katy my first time with another woman Katy was a very good fanny licker as well as a good cocksucker. Bob really geting of on watching us lick each other out and Katy loving Bobs extra long cock her favourite was doggy he even slipped it up her arse a couple of times she just grinned saying naughty boy. They still had a few more weeks to go but gave us there address to come visit which we did and they took us to their swinging club but we prefer just another couple and not group sex.