Written by mick-tina

10 Jul 2008

My husband mick is a bus driver and as I am at home for most of the day he suggested that I come along with him on one of his trips.The one I choose has a forty minute wiat off time at the end terminus. I agreed and arranged to meet the bus at a bus stop along the route. I was feeling a bit naughty, so put on a long skirt, no knickers or bra and as my breast\'s are large 36gg, I put on a nice white blouse to stop them swaying about to much.

As I walk up the road the cool air on my legs felt enlivening as it circulated around my naked cunt, I felt my clitoris harden and my pussy start to get very moist.Mick\'s bus arrive on time so I boarded and sat down while Mick loaded his passengers and continued along the route.Subconsciously I touched and rubbed my cli as the bus rumbled along the route. I could hardly wait for us to arrive at its final destination. Finally we arrived the last passenger got and Mick drove down the road to his turn around point, he switched off the engine and put not in service.Mick asked if i\'d like to sit in the drivers seat to see what it felt like, I duly got into the cab and sat in the seat, Mick said lets get a photo as I\'ve got my camera, ok I replied and passed his camera to him from his bag. He started to take photos of me in the cab, then with out being asked I opened my blouse and let my breasts spill out,Mick\'s eyes stood out on stalks as he stood looking at my breasts, but he continued to take pic\'s of me. I stood up and hoisted my skirt up and opened my legs wide to expose my neatly trimmed pussy. Then while he was still taking his pic\'s I lifted my right breast to my mouth and began to suck my hard nipple, Mick encouraged me to go further, so I began to rub my erect clit with my free hand, go on Hunbring yourselfoff let me see you wank yourself off. I carried on playing,touching and teasing my clit. I let go of my breast and put two fingers deep into my cunt as I frigged myself off.I was so worked up that I ogasmed very quickly, just as I was cuming Mick put his head between my legs and lapped at my cunt, I came off in his mouth.After I\'d cum Mick got me out of the cab and took me up to seats at the back of the bus. I quickly got his cock out and began to suck his erect cock he had pre-cum oozing out of the end and I knew it would not take him long to shoot his hot spunk.I bent of the seat back and Mick pushed his hard coock deep into me, I felt myself cum almost instantly as he pounded into me from behind. I felt myself cuming again, just has Mick shot his hot sticky spunk into me, the feel of him shooting inside me filling my cunt with his spunk spurred my own orgasm as i came off very noisily. It was a great fuck and something we will definatly do again.