Written by andreablue

6 Jul 2011

I had booked a ferry dash to Holland with a platonic friend. Hull P&O ferrys have great bars and entertainment.

During our evening sailing from Hull we were sat in one of the bars. My friend went to the bar to buy a round whilst I sat at our table. She returned with a Dutch lorry driver who had bought us both a drink. he was blond and attractive and told us he was from Rotterdam and was married.

It was instant attraction. I wanted to be fucked by him!

To cut a long story short, I left our cabin once my friend was asleep. I knocked on his cabin door.

He fucked me up the arse and in my mouth. My cunt was dripping. His cock was full of cum, as he withdrew from my mouth he wanked hard over my open mouth and spurted his load. I rubbed his cum over my face and tits then licked my fingers.

Later I started to feel horny again. I knelt on all fours on the bed and told him to fuck my arse hard. He was big!....I then instructed him to lay on his back and spread his legs. I fingered his arse whist I sucked his cock and took his tight balls into my mouth. I was being a really dirty girl. He said he wanted to play with my tits...they are nice and big ...I sat astride him and started to play with my tits, kneeding them together towards his face, his cock was hard and i kept letting my arse hole and cunt rub against it. As he played with my nipples I let a small amount of hot pee trickle out and on to his belly and cock, he just moaned and said 'yes'. I took this as he wanted a shower....so I let my bladder go a pissed all over him. He then turned me onto my back and wanked again over my mouth and tits and then stood on the floor at the side of the bed showered me with his warm piss.

Later in the morning we passed in a corridor, he winked and said 'have a nice life'