Written by Richard

29 Aug 2009

Well sitting in my seat, and listening to the Pre Flight safety instructions, Monika started to massage between my legs, and it was the best pre flight demo I have ever had. My cock was now rock hard, as we taxied to the runway.

With a roar from the engine\'s, we were away down the runway and as we lifted off the ground, I was already in orbit feeling my pre cum.

With a ding, the Seat belt Sign went off, and up she popped and told me to join her in the loo, three short knocks she said, and she was off down the aisle.

Looking at the toilet,on came the light ENGAGED.

After about 3 minutes, off I went to the toilet door, three slow knocks, and the door opened, and I was in.

Standing there, she dropped my trousers, and told me to sit on the toilet seat.

Standing like the Space Shuttle, erect, she dropped her jeans, her panties, and impaled herself on my cock.

Slowly, she sat until my cock was completely sunk in her pussy, she slowly, started a gyrating rhythm, and it started to quicken, her moans and my groans were pure ecstasy, until it came to crescendo when we both exploded in pure sexual climax. As I could feel my cock sloshing in her pussy with our cum she said.

Richard welcome to the MILE HIGH CLUB.

More to follow.........................