Written by Badboibuilder

21 Aug 2017

We were on the road down to do a job in Waterlooville and on the way we stopped in a lay by so she could have cigarette but before she did I said we had to check in the back of the truck to make sure nothing had fallen down so we both got out headed into the back of the truck I closed the door behind us. I pulled her close and I started to kiss her on her kneck and along her clavicle where she melted deeper into my arms and gripped tighter on to my back which got me even harder so I pushed her back up against the side if the truck and pressed my self up against her. Next thing I knew she had already undone her belt and jeans and was pulling them down to her knees she was kissing me deeper than ever and pulled my hand over her pink juicy pussy. So I started to tease her clit and i slid two fingers inside and she let out a little moan and her legs began to buckle as she reached orgasm. She was was flushed faced with a cheeky smile she got down on her knees pulled off her top and undone her bra and with one hand and threw it too the side by this point I undone my trousers and pulled out my cock which she more than willing put deep into to her mouth and sucked deep and hard on I let out a moan and told her if she wasn't careful I would cum in her mouth she stopped and looked at me and said not before you cum all over my tits so I took that request wanked

hard and blew my load over her large firm breasts as I did this she looked up at me biting her bottom lip I bent down and kissed. Her beautiful flushed but happy face........ Maybe next time I will get even closer to being able to slip my cock inside her.......