Written by chris4245

19 May 2009

This was supposed to go on the site months ago but it looks like it was not passed.

If you look for the title On The Road you will find out how I met Dave & Sarah.

After that meeting we kept in touch and had quite a few telephone calls with Dave telling me what Sarah was doing. But with living the opposite sides of the country it was quite a while before we met again. It happened when I was asked to go to Bath on a weeks training course to teach the other staff on the new products and ways of pricing bulk orders, selling techniques as well as body language. (It’s great when you know a bit more about it than the average guy in the street) As soon as the word Bath came out I had a hard on!

That night I rang D & S to tell them I was coming, which hotel I was staying and you could feel the excitement of the week to follow. Dave had said that although it had been 4 months since we met they had not been with anybody else, which I found quite surprised, but also glad in a way of me being the only one that had been in that lovely body of hers. As I was there for 5 nights Monday to Friday I decided to go on the Sunday so that I was fresh for the Monday morning. When I got into the hotel I rang D&S and asked if they wanted to come over for a drink and asked Sarah to come in the clothes she had on when we first met, less the knickers. While waiting in the bar some of the staff I was going to train had popped in for a drink and found out I was already there. The group were a mix of 50/50 male and female. Two of the girls came up to me (one was white the other was from Asia) asking if it was going to be a tough week, they had that sexual chemistry of looking you straight in the eye and licking there lips. As I was talking to them Dave and Sarah came in and sat at the bar so I had to stop the conversation and told them I would see them at 9am sharp.

Sarah looked fantastic she slid on her chair and as I got up to her she slid her crouch on to my thigh when I gave her a hug. Believe it or not, there was a wet patch on my trousers!! We had a few drinks and Sarah was asking who I had been talking to. Once I had explained Sarah just came out with it and said I wonder what its like to make out with a woman. Dave just said I wonder what its like to fuck those two. I never thought anything else about it that night. By this time it was about 10pm and we were talking about what they would like to do. Sarah just said I want the two of you to fuck me together. Dave and I just smiled and we got of our chairs to go to my room. As the staff was still there I could not put my arm around Sarah, I gave them a room card and said I would just go to the men’s room so it didn’t look as if there was anything going on. When I got up to the room D&S were sitting on the bed as if they didn’t want to start anything before I got there. I thought there was a problem but was wrong as Sarah dived down to get my cock out of my pants. Dave just said good girl now tell us what you want. She tried to talk with my cock in her mouth but had to stop, tonight she just wanted to fuck us both and for the rest of the week she wanted more sensual love making. That night we just went hell for leather on her she was fucked on her back on all fours as well as Dave up her arse and me in her pussy. Sarah just kept screaming out when she was having an orgasm she was not this vocal when we first met but she was getting rid of all her pent up feelings. After we were exhausted and resting we talked about what they would like to do during the week, Sarah hadn’t been to the toilet up to now and hadn’t cleaned herself, she looked at Dave and said can we do that naughty thing now? Dave just smiled and asked me if I would take some photos of what they were about to do. Dave got on his back on the floor, she got up and crouched over Dave’s face and started to finger herself, as she did this she started to flick cum over his face and was starting to cum again. Dave started to finger her arse and cum was coming out of it and landing on his neck and chest. I just kept the camera going as it was a fantastic site. She then said if you had that woman down stairs do you think she would be as good as this. As she said this I had a hard on again and started to wank over her face, she just kept saying yes cum on me, squirt your cum now, I just let it go she took some in her mouth and then just dribbled out on to her chin, god she looked so slutty.

This was only the first meeting of many that week and will tell you more shortly about the staff I had to train. As well as what we did with Sarah.