Written by Checkout girl

1 Jul 2007

This may be tame as far as your mormal stories are concerned but we wanted to put something down in writing so that we could relive the experience simply by logging on to this site in the future.

My husband and I were driving home from a very nice romantic evening with good food and good company when he started to tell me that I was being ogled by a guy at another table and at one point he was looking at my stocking tops that had inadvertently been showing and from my husbands angle he could see the guy had an erection.

As he told me this I could feel my knickers getting wet so |asked him what he thought and he told me how horny it made him thinking about another man jerking off that night imagining me doing naughty things.

Like what I asked and as my husband drove I closed my eyes lifted my skirt and started to finger myself as we drove along.

I was pretty close to cumming when I told him to pull over so he could finger me while I rubbed my clit ( i love that)

He pulled into a tesco car park which was deserted and no sooner had we stopped than he stuck two fingers straight in me and started to frig my pussy firmly.

I was in heaven my knees on the dashboard cunt wide open being fingered furiously while I played with my clit. Wank over me I demanded and with that he knelt up on the seat aimed his cock at my mouth and proceeded to wank as fast as he could. We lasted about 30 seconds him shooting all over my mouth my cheeks my hair me gushing and squirting over the dashboard and seats.

He angled the vanity mirror so I could see myself and I was covered it looked really dirty.

As I sat up and pushed the visor back into place I noticed a security camera pointing directly at me, they must have seen everything. Instead of being mortified I simply scooped up cum from my chin on my fingers and licked them.

We got home and fucked like teenagers. I asked him if we could do that again and he said have you heard of dogging, which in turn led us to this site ( although he pretends we found it by accident he knew where to look)

Would I ever go as far as some of the women on the site probably not but having had such I great experience I cant honestly say never