Written by Robby

24 Apr 2012

Leaving Morecambe we called at a picnic area in the way home where you can get a good bacon sarnie anda pee in the slightly grotty w.cs if you need one.

I needed one so called in and there are two sit downs, both in use so I had to wait as I was in need.

The guy was qhite a while but eventually came out so I went in,dropped my jeans,sat down, read some of the graffity and hten noticed the obligitory hole in the wall.

Not big enough to do anything but peep through, so I peeped.

I saw an eye looking the other way and as I looked it went and was replaced by a full frontal view of the guy next door displaying all he had and wanking.

The eye came back so I stood and did the same, didn't want to dissapoint him so to speak.

I sat again and a note came uder the wall.

"Do you want sucking off all the way"?

"Is the Pope a Catholic, don't ask stupid questions" I wrote.

The note came back,"My door is unlocked".

I pulled my jeans up and waited until I knew the stalls were empty and went out, pushed the door and lo and behold it was unlocked.

Went in, closed closed the door, he was sitting on the seat still wanking as I dropped my jeans letting my already erect prick free.

He leaned forwards and immediatly took it in his mouth and sucked gently,caressed my balls, then slowly moved his hand and began to finger my ring.

That was it I held his head and began to fuck his mouth, I was getting near to the end very quickly.

He took the hint and probed a little deper with his finger and I held his head tight, forced my prick deep into his throat and exploded my cum.

I held him tight as he gagged and made sure he swallowed it all and stayed there until I slackened off and slipped out.

He stood up his erection almost straight up to his navel and said he had never been fucked like that before and would I wank him off.

I said I would do better so I sat down and he turned and I took his prick and sucked hard and fast.

He only took seconds before he gave me his cum in return, hot sweet and plenty.

I held his prick thight in my lips and as I felt him slackening I tightened them and drew back getting the last drops.

Both sated we exchanded phone numbers and went on our ways.

The trouble is he lives over 100 miles away, but you never know I or he might be in our area some day.