Written by Naughty Graham

17 Dec 2008

It all started while I was out for the night with a friend in Soi Cowboy, one of Bangkok\'s red light areas. I was walking past one the bars when a young woman standing on in front of the bar caught my eye. She came straight over to me and started to pull over to the entrance of the bar. I wanted to enter the bar in my own time being a little wary but she wasn\'t having any of it. Even though I had stuck my heels into the kirb, she just pulled me over it and into the bar! Once inside she immediately started to make me relax by saying \"its ok have a drink, don\'t worry, its all right. She put her arm around me and sat me on a bar stool. She said buy a drink and as she spoke to me, her hand went down to my crutch and started rubbing my balls and cock through my shorts.

Sure enough it had the desired effect and in no time at all, my cock has rock hard. I remember that, that evening the bar was showing one of the Rambo videos in the bar. I decided to concentrate on the film in order to turn my cock soft again, it worked. This surprised Noy(small) as she called herself and as a result she started to massage my balls and cock furiously in order to regain control of the situation so to speak, it worked! While all this was going on, nobody was paying much attention, wild or what?

As the night wore on, I relaxed had a few beers and I have to admit, I was really enjoying myself.

I know she was a working girl but she really seemed to be enjoying my company and she said \"You meet me after bar is closed, you no pay money ok?\" Well whats a man supposed to do? I agreed of course and sure enough Noy and her friend meet the two of us outside the bar a few minutes after it closed.

We jumped into a taxi and ended up in a Love Hotel. We went to the room, we both had a quick shower and went over to the bed. Noy laid on the bed with a towel wrapped around her body and opened it up at the last moment. This young lady was petite but perfectly proportioned with a narrow waist, small but firm tits and lovely curved hips that gave her that hour glass shape. In no time at all my hands, lips and tongue were busy rubbing, kissing and licking her all over, she just took it in her stride. After a while I had my cock at the entrance to her now beautifully moist pussy, I rubbed it up down between her pussy lips and then just let slide in there effortlessly.

After a few minutes, I turned Noy over onto her hands and knees and started to fuck her doggy stile. In no time at all I was bollock deep with my balls slapping up against her cute little bum cheeks.

I remember looking a her as I was fucking her and noticed how relaxed she looked. Her head was just above the pillow and it looked as though she was reading a book. I thought she\'s not going to get away with that. I laid down on the bed and got her to start riding my cock. This was when this amazing young lady decided to show me just what she could do!

She skillfully adjusted her position so that her feet were tucked under my bum in order to provide extra anchorage. She leaned forward and started to impale herself on my cock. She grabbed hold of the head-board, then lifted herself up until just the tip of my cock was inside her pussy before going back down again, right up to the hilt. This had the effect of sending me crazy, I can quite honestly say that this was turning into the best shag I\'d ever had! Her rhythm just kept getting better and better. I remember looking up at the mirror clad ceiling and watched as her tight little arse slid up and down on my cock. I knew couldn\'t last much longer and as I started to cum, I just cried out in ecstasy, I had just had my brains well and truly fucked out.

Noi then slipped off my cock and said ,are you ok?

I said yes, did it hurt you? she said, a little bit, you here, as she pointed to an area on her stomach close to her navel, she was indicating just how deeply my cock had penetrated her.

She also had a good sense of humour and told me about some of the funny experiences she\'d had.

She told me that one Canadian guy had sex her 7 times during the course of an evening and she shook her head in disbelief! Well done Canada!

Another guy had a cock that had been as thick as her wrist and she had told him, I kiss you but I no have sex with you! Must have been a mouth full!

We had sex a few more times that night and at one point she was a bit on the dry side. She realised what the problem was and started to suck my cock, lubricating its entire surface with saliva. My cock then slid into her pussy with ease. By the next morning my balls had been well and truly drained and I was a very happy chap.

My memories of that night are still very clear even these events actually occurred about twenty years ago. Bangkok is an amazing place, to my knowledge, there is no other place like it.