Written by jess husband

17 Jan 2017

As I wrote in the first part I find it hard to believe that one comment from my wife as led me to where I am today. I had asked Jess about her previous boyfriends and what they did together she even had me shouting one of her exs name of Greg. If you have read the first part you will be aware That Greg had his hand on her inner thigh while we sat in the pub. Anyway time passed and Greg was never mentioned again although we did bring other boyfriends in to our love making. One day Jess got an invite to one of her friends hen nights which was to be in Blackpool. We have never been apart since we married and Jess asked would I mind her being away for the weekend. I told of course not and she go and enjoy the weekend. When the time arrived she was leaving on the Friday night and coming back Sunday afternoon. I have to admit that I did miss her and I only got one phone call to tell me that she had arrived safe and sound. Finally Sunday evening came and I was over the moon to see her again and she took me by the hand and said I need to talk to you. My heart sank as she sounded serious and I was afraid of what she was going to say. Jess said you know I love you, yes of I do why what is wrong. She then said that they were in a pub which really crowded and that a group of three men and two women asked if they could sit with the girls. They all agreed and they had a great time and everybody was getting drunk. Then one of the men who Jess said was called Gus asked if her tits were real to which Jess replied can,t you tell. Then Gus said I can,t see them so Jess lifted her top and she said everybody cheered. At that Gus walked over and pulled her bra down and felt her tits to which there was more cheering. Jess waited until he pulled his hands away then adjusted her bra and puled her top back down. I said not to worry you were drunk and everybody was there so there is really no harm done. But darling that’s not all when it got to one o’clock and it was just me and the three men and the two women. I stood up to say goodby when Gus said I will walk you to your hotel, when we arrived I turned to say good night to him and he just grabbed me and kissed me full on the lips. As he was kissing me I felt his hand go up my skirt and I don’t know why but I did not protest. He then said take me to your room I want to fuck you. I was shocked to hear what she was telling me, Did you, did you take him to your room. Jess looked at me sheepishly and just nodded, Why I asked, she said I don’t know but I just felt like being fucked,

I sat there in disbelief at what she was telling me but I felt I needed to ask questions. I said what was he like, how old was he, where does he live , does he know where we live. Jess told be he is a big guy around six feet tall and very well built. Then she hit me with that he is twenty years older than her and that he stayed all night. Jess said that he fucked her to orgasm, I had to asked how big is cock was Jess said she did not measure it but it was bigger and fatter than mine. Then the next thing she told me left me with my mouth wide open. He dragged her across the bed and hung her head of the side and fucked her throat. I sat there in disbelief when she said he just lives ten minutes from us and I have give him my phone number. Why the fuck did you do that he is bound to want to fuck you again, I know he will and darling and I want him to fuck me. What are you saying that you don’t want me anymore, no of course I want you, I love you. Why then do you want him, she said I just want him he makes me feel fulfilled yeh I bet he does full of spunk more like. Dont tell my Jess that you let him come inside you, yes, yes I did. Please darling try and understand that I need this for a short time and I don’t want to loose you. Well I have to tell that this sort time has been happening every other Saturday night for months. I have to sleep in the girls bedroom and be in bed before he arrives around elven o’clock. He stays the night until around six thirty in the morning. Once he has left Jess shouts me to come to bed where I have to eat her pussy until it is completely clean. I do it as I love Jess and it turns her on so much that she has a massive orgasm. At this moment in time I don’t know when this is going to end and never in a million years did I ever think that I would end up in this situation. Deep down I know that Jess loves me and I have to accept that I can not compete with the like of Gus. So I suppose I have found my place in my relationship with my wife so I might as well enjoy it the best I can.