Written by Insatiablesoph

18 Mar 2010

It started off as a let down but, boy what a night it would turn out to be!!

We had booked the hotel and been chatting with a guy for a while and were all set for some threesome fun - or so we thought! Sophie was so horny and had been looking forward to this for days, as she always did - leaping on me at every available moment! Who am I to complain!!

Then it happened as we drove to the hotel, I had just been feeling how wet my wife already was at the prospect of some extra hard cock to play with all night, when his text came. Some excuse he gave but we guessed he had bottled and Sophie looked so disappointed I thought she would ask me to take her home, but the kids were all sorted on sleepovers and the hotel room paid for.

So, if Sophie was going get laid by somebody other than me tonight, we would have to try things a little different - nothing like a change! Both of us were quietly thinking, until we reached our room, unpacked and soaked in a hot bath together.

"guess we will just have to go a find some fit young guy somewhere who won't be able to resist your charms, darling" I offered jokingly.

Now normally we didn't go out and pick up strangers to fuck my wife, as she has always enjoyed the build up over a few weeks getting to know the guys, through flirtatious texts and emails - this always guaranteed a most explosive horny first meet! But what other options did we have unless we were just to spend the night making love to each other reminiscing over previous encounters.

I could tell from the glint in her eye she actually quite liked my suggestion but I didn't know how easy it would be to find someone suitable as we were, after all, always very fussy about our choice. Sure if Sophie is in the mood (which she is a lot of the time!) with the opportunity available (such as now) and the guy ticks all the boxes then getting into her knickers is a foregone conclusion, but she certainly will not just open her legs anyone, however horny she is.

"mmmm yes" she replied "no offense darling but I was rather looking forward to a horny young guy helping you pleasure me all night, like that looser we were suppose to meet had promised!" She paused thoughtfully "but wait, these hotels are usually full of young businessmen staying away so maybe we should check out the bar later on and see what comes up!" Unusually we had arranged a weekday meet as Sophie had a few days off so that meant the hotel should be full of such types surely she would have no problem picking one of them up and bringing them back to our room!

"you really up for that?" I enquired, knowing that, despite being very direct and flirtatious in private with a guy she fancied, she could sometimes be quite reserved and unconfident in public.

"pour me some more wine and try me" she smirked, kissing me tenderly. I slipped a finger into her pussy and even under the water it felt so wet and slippery I knew she was up for this! We started to make our plan and she quietly moaned as I gently fingered her while she described how she would go down to the bar in her sexiest but sophisticated business attire buy a drink, indentify a suitable candidate and sit near to him. She would throw him the occasional look, maybe a smile then wait for him to come over and offer a drink! She would of course accept and the rest would just be a natural progression back to our room for some hot sex.

She was already very turned on by the thought of all this that she only got as far as describing leading him to the bed to fuck her in front of me when she gasped and grabbed me tight as she came on my fingers. "fuck, I just hope he knows how to make me climax like that" she murmured as she languished in my arms, the warm water lapping over our bodies.

"will that be ok with you?" she smiled. Her hand glided down my body and she found the answer as she wrapped her fingers around my swollen cock. "now tell me how we get you in on the action?" she added gently stroking my hard on - after all, few guys would refuse bedding my wife on her own but some might not feel happy performing in front of me! As she sat me on the end of the bath her tongue flicked over my tip and I closed my eyes imagining how I might get to see as much of the action as possible! . . . and join in!!

I tried to concentrate as I felt her soft warm lips sliding slowly down my shaft, her mouth engulfing me. Oh yes, some lucky guy was more than likely also going to be getting this delightful treatment in just a few hours time - he might already be here in the hotel with no idea of the erotic pleasures ahead of him!

Between my sighs of enjoyment I murmured something about us pretending not to be married to each other, if we possibly could, and suggested the story is that we had just met that day at a business meeting. Having discovered we we staying in the same hotel we had arranged to meet for a drink in the bar but I was running late due to a long business phone call, hence her waiting alone in the bar for me!

Once she is confident of her choice, the flirting under way and the all the signs looking good she will text me so I can come down and join them. I imagine watching her flirting more, reeling him in, his eyes all over her and know he wants her. I guess his mind is already undressing her with thoughts of his hand touching her soft skin at the top of her holdups which she has just flashed at him or burying his face into her more than normally exposed cleavage!

I am quiet now in my thoughts, just moaning as Sophie works wonders on my throbbing cock. I need release now as her hand cups my tightening balls and she sucks hard my thoughts turn to this unknown guy blatantly lusting after my wife, a bulge in his trousers imagining her mouth wrapped around HIS cock! That - I let out a long deep groan as Sophie takes her first load of hot cum that evening and swallows it all down!

"Better?" she grins as she snuggles up to me . "oh yes" I nod as she kisses me passionately. Tongues entwined, I can taste my spunk in her mouth and can't wait to see, hear, smell and taste what the night ahead has in store! How I love my sexy, horny, insatiable, liberated wife who is hopefully about to get well and truly fucked by a complete stranger . . . . . . to be continued