Written by Sue

21 Aug 2017

I'm amazed by the reactions to my recent story, some readers already wanting an update. I'm reminded of an event which happened three years ago when I was 56.

I have a close girl friend, Karen - purely platonic nothing sexual but we are close and we each act as sounding boards for each other. Karen would cover for me if I was busy elsewhere. She is in her late 40's, slim hour glass figure and blonde shoulder length hair and wears lots of make-up. Dresses to please the eye. Men leer after her all the time.

I still have a reasonable figure size 12 or 14 on a bad day, then I had longer dark brown hair (some of the colour from a bottle nowadays). When we go out for a drink to chat about life or our respective husbands. My husband, Peter and I had not been seeing eye to eye so there was a lot to talk about. I dress to please so not to look a bit shabby in comparison to Karen. We always tend to get chatted up when in a bar or hotel; mostly nothing is wanted or encouraged.

On one occasion, Karen had picked me up and we arrived at a small hotel about 20 miles away - we heard it had a good reputation. It was quiet, a few couples, odd businessman having a quick drink before going home and a couple of younger men in smart suits in some sort of work meeting. Karen was as eye catching as ever, in a champagne colour cocktail dress with a plunging cleavage which showed her ample breasts straining to get out. I had a little black number on with an equally plunging neckline but my smaller 34B breasts were not fighting to get out. I was wearing sheer black stockings and pelmet bra, the latter in an attempt to match Karen. I'm not vain!!

We chatted for sometime, the bar filled up but we were in a quieter corner. The two young business men had finished their meeting and were standing by the bar drinking but looking our way. I nudged Karen and joked which one do you want! They saw our look and came over to chat (us up). They bought us a drink and sat either side of us in the booth we were in.

We live in the Midlands and they had come up for a conference from London and were staying in the hotel. Both mid 30's, both married, but both very nice. We chatted easily with them. Gavin, sitting next to Karen kept looking at her cleavage and breasts. Steve had placed his leg against mine, took it away but then looking at me pushed it back against my leg again. I liked him and thought what harm in a bit of flirting.

I could see Karen getting cold feet at the way things were going. She asked about going, she had only one drink as she was driving. I had had more and was warming to the touch of Steve and his chat up ploy. I suggested one last drink, but Karen said 'no, let's go', and stood up. Gavin looked crest fallen but Steve suggested, if we had another drink, he would pay for the taxi later. Karen was adamant and left, saying 'are you coming?'. I stayed and Karen flounced off.

Another drink became two. Gavin sat and chatted but he looked down, especially as Steve and I were getting on well. His insistent leg had become a stroking hand on my leg and bare arms. I was enjoying the attention and occasionally touched his arm and leg. The booth we were sitting in was secluded and Steve continued to stroke my leg, the dress was showing my stocking tops. He commented on how lovely my legs looked, I blushed. Our glasses were empty and Steve suggested we could continue upstairs as they has a bottle of wine. Without thinking I said yes.

In the lift, Steve pulled me towards him and kissed me on the lips, his hands slipped round and down onto my bum, pulling me in. I could feel a large bulge in his trousers - it wasn't his wallet. I knew then there was a danger that I was going to be fucked by Steve.

They were sharing a room. In the room I went to the bathroom to freshen up and make sure my make up was still in one place. Then my phone went off. It was Peter asking when I was coming home. Karen had called and told him what was going on! Great friend I thought! I was quite short with Peter and told him I would come home when I was good and ready. I was a bit peeved both at Karen and from my husband. He texted me , I have to admit I told him to go to hell, and turned the mobile off. There was a knock on the bathroom door and Steve holding a glass of wine asked if the call had been important, I said no, took the offered glass and closed the door to 'freshen up'. I was angry and a bit tearful all at once. How dare my husband define my timekeeping.

So, in my own defence I justified, I stripped. Took all my clothes of and leaving heels, black stockings and suspenders and walked out into the bedroom. When the men had picked their jaws off the floor, they disrobed very fast. Both had great bodies and I could see their stiffening intentions arising to attention.

If I get a good response to this, I may tell you what happened next. Sue x