Written by Wigancouple

26 Oct 2008

as we pulled into the country park jay put his hand on my leg, i slapped it and told him to keep his hands to himself... i knew that would drive him wild... i lent down to my bag and pulled out my plastic friend (well a girl should never leave home without her plastic friend) while jay was pulling over to a quiet spot i put the vibe into my mouth and nibbled it, jay at this point had stopped and had got his cock out n was watching me suck on my vibe... the excitment was getting too much for me so i pulled my g-string to one side and inserted the vibe... this was going deep inside of me but it just wasnt quite enough so with the vibe inside of me i started to rub my clit with my fingers... bringing me to climax... jay was wanking very fast and reaching climax himself.... just at the brink of climax i stop him... i tell him todrive home and carry on there as there is more i want to do with him.. he does as i ask... we drive the short distance home and all the way he is watching my vibe going in and out of me... when we reach the front door he grabs me and pulls me close to him and kisses me with an urgent passion.. as we get thru the door he throws me over the arm of the couch and pulls my string to one side he then shoves his hard and throbbing cock inside of me and this time i dont stop him... he bangs me deeper and deeper and harder and harder till i am screaming with pleasure, this brings him to climax, i feel him cum splurt inside of me... when he has shot his load inside of me i turn around and then tell him to lick and suck all our mingled cum out of my sopping wet pussy, as he goes down on me he inserts his fingers deep inside me and starts to feel around inside of me... this again starts me off and as he knows he is leaving me horny he gets up and goes upstairs.......................... i creep upstairs after him and i walk to the bedroom door where i find him sat on his bed... he sees me standing there and he tells me to come into the bedroom... then he throws me on the bed and ties my hands to the bed frame.. he ties my legs to the other side of the bed and as i am spread eagled on the bed tied up so i cant move he gags me... unable to fight him off or scream he then climbs inbetween my legs and reaches for the baby oil dripping it onto me he then slides his fingers inside me.... moving deeper in me until his whole hand is inside of me stretching me so wide... unable to scream i relax and start to enjoy the fisting he is giving me... once he has had his pleasure he slowley starts to pull his hand out and then brings his hand up to his mouth where he licks my juices from him... he then climbs on me and pushes his hard cock inside of me... thrusting away until again i gush all over his cock.. thsi is all too much for him and yet again he splurts his hot cum deep inside of me...... the rest to be continued by jay xxxxxxxxxxxx