Written by Greg

18 Mar 2019

I’ve been working for my present employer for just over a year. I don’t particularly like working there. I distract myself watching the managers P.A. waddle about in her heals and wiggling her beautiful ass. Everyone including the Senior Management fancies Miranda (name changed). Miranda met me in reception on my first day and conducted my induction - I fancied her straight away, she is hot. She’s about 5 6’, blond (fake), beautiful curvy figure, big boobs, round sexy bum, bright blue eyes, sexy legs and a very pretty face. She looks after herself and wears really nice clothes. I’d guess she’s about 28.

It took me ages to get to know her, she’s so attractive I struggled to talk to her. We have done a project together recently and this meant we spent loads of time together. She’s pretty private and on the surface she seems really happy. Everyone at work thinks she’s in a long-term relationship, but she’s not. Her fiancé cheated on her and it’s all off and very acrimonious but she’s not let on at work. When she told me she seemed pretty upset; so I’ve kept her confidence as she asked.

We have worked late on our project a few times and on her way to the station - I’ve walked with her and we have gone for a quick drink. Literally just one drink and she’s headed home on the train, she has a bit further to go than me. Last Thursday as we were packing up and the office was empty, quite out of the blue she said ‘fancy getting pissed?’. I said yeah and asked why she wanted to get pissed? She said she was a bit down and needed a laugh. I packed my stuff away and we walked to a pub nearby. Miranda was drinking gin and was clearly going for it. I asked what was the matter and she became upset and said her ex was dating one of her friends which had really hit her hard. I suspected that she’d been secretly hoping her and her ex would reconcile, but that was just my assumption. She got quite drunk very quickly, I suggested we should leave, and she agreed but when we got outside in the night air she said she felt unwell. Without an ulterior motive I asked if she wanted to come back to mine. I live in E14 near Canary Wharf and we took the DLR, we were there quickly. Miranda seemed a bit drunk and a bit upset. We got into my apartment and I asked if she wanted coffee, she preferred tea. I stood in the kitchen making tea and Miranda wandered around my place. As the kettle boiled she disappeared. I shouted to ask whether she took milk and sugar and she shouted back, just milk. I then walked to give her the tea. She was in my bedroom tucked up in bed with the covers pulled up but her clothes including her bra were on my bedroom carpet. Yikes I thought... I put the tea on the bedside table and sat on the edge of the bed, looking to confirm if this was what I hoped to was. As Miranda reached for the tea her left breast was exposed and my eyes moved to it, and then immediately our eyes met. She said ‘you naughty boy’ and I said, yeah but it’s a nice view. Miranda said we’ll stop sitting there and let’s have some fun. I quickly shut the door and stripped, sliding into the bed next to her, the dirty bitch was naked and I pulled her to me and we kissed, my hands touched her breasts as her hand touched my cock. I kissed her passionately before sucking and biting her big breasts and large areola’s. I pushed my hand between her legs and was surprised that she had a hairy triangle, it was well trimmed and jet black - she was clearly not a natural blond. After rubbing her wetness for a few minutes I moved my head between her legs and she welcomed me down there. She tasted good and I licked away and she got very, very wet. I was impressed that I made her cum loudly but she held my head and whispered ‘don’t stop I want more, I’m a greedy girl’. I made her orgasm again before she lifted herself up and positioned herself above me to return the favour. I could now see her naked breasts and pussy which were in full view and my cock was bursting at the site. She sucked me very well using her hand, tongue and lips to perfection, I could have shot my load but I wanted to fuck her so I stopped her sucking me before it was too late. I asked how she liked it and she said she liked to go on top, so I said ‘go for it’ and laid on my back. Miranda stood up on the bed and positioned her feet each side of me, she spat on her hand, rubbed her delicious cunt and then lowered herself onto my very hard cock. She bounced enthusiastically on my cock and it felt so good and the view with the light on was fantastic. She fucked me for a good 5 minutes and just when I thought I might cum, she said ‘fancy doing me from behind’. I enthusiastically said yes, and she jumped off and positioned herself on all fours. I moved her to the edge of the bed and standing up I plunged the full length of my cock into her beautiful pussy. She was a good height and I rammed my excited cock in and out of her, thrusting long and hard strokes, she was enjoying it and she rubbed her cunt with her left hand and made herself cum. I was enjoying myself and decided I wanted to come the long hard strokes felt amazing and my legs turned to jelly as a huge orgasm ripped through me and I ejaculated a heavy load of my sticky spunk into Miranda’s wet hairy hole.

There was a momentary awkwardness before we climbed under the covers and started kissing, in no time we were orally pleasuring each other again before the next round of fucking started. We made love three times in different positions... so my balls were empty before I fell asleep. When we woke at 6:30, Miranda panicked about clothes and getting into work, but that quickly subsided as we kissed and made love again. I fucked her from behind again watching her funbags bounce around in my wardrobe mirror. Once I’d emptied myself in her again, Miranda showered, called a cab and left for home. I had a quick wank reminiscing about what had happened before showing and heading to work.

Miranda arrived late, she didn’t look slightly disheveled, no one had a clue that she’d been fucking half the night. It’s only been a day (in work) but she’s only said a couple of words to me and she seems quite aloof. I’m hoping for some repeat performances because I think she’s beautiful but I wonder whether it was a drunk moment of weakness for her that she now regrets, ill update if I see any more action but I’m grateful for what has happened so far it was honestly amazing.