Written by John

29 Jan 2010

The story I am about to tell did actually happen one Saturday in February last year. I am bi-sexual, I keep my wife very satisfied a couple of times per week but I really do enjoy playing the slut to other men a fact that my wife is NOT aware of. Anyway, this particular lunchtime my wife and I were out at a nearby town shopping, she was happy going around the local department stores whilst I couldn't wait to try my luck in a local public toilet where that I had previous pleasurable experiences in.

I said that I would see her in about hour whilst I popped in somewhere and had a beer. With that I went straight to the public toilet to try my luck.

Someone must have been looking down on me that day, already in there was a chap,Brian, whom I had already wanked and sucked on previous occassions. He was standing at a urinal whilst another fellow whom I had never seen before was standing at a urinal two too Brians left. Needless to say I immediately went to the urinal between them and already Brian was playing with his cock and much to my great pleasure the other chap had an enormous hard on as well.

Upon seeing me Brian done an immediate ninety degree left turn, said hello with a smile and put his now hard cock into my right hand. I started to wank him off immediately. Within a minute or two, the other fellow was inching his way toward us, I did not need to be invited to grab his beautiful hard cock with my other hand and started to wank him off as well. Brian then put his hands on my head encouraging my mouth towards his cock and within a second or two he was wanking himself off whilst I was holding his arse and pushing him more and more into my willing lips.

All of a sudden someone walked into the place much to the startled surprise of the three of us, but much to all our pleasure, instead of a nervous reaction of pretending nothing was happening, niether Brian nor the other chap took a blind bit of notice! all they were interested in was what this slut was doing for them.

The new addition to our little gang,it turned out, far from being embarrassed came straight over, took over the job of wanking Brian until he shot his warm cum deep into my mouth.The new addition looked about sixty but very fresh and clean looking if you can imagine and wearing a light grey tracksuit. I then turned my head toward the chap whom I had been wanking all this time and he aimed his throbbing cock straight for my vacant mouth whilst the new member of our gang whipped his track suit bottoms down to reveal that he was wearing nothing underneath and to show off a gorgeous fat, seven inch clean shaven cock. I rubbed his balls whilst he wanked himself and obviously enjoying watching me giving pleasure to the other fellow who was at any second going to shoot his lot into my mouth. He groaned in that ecstatic way that only a man who has been gently sucked and arrived at his climax can experience.

Much to my disappointment,at this point our friend in the track suit tucked his cock away and left (I thought that I was going to break my own record and have three men cum in my mouth within minutes of each other)but no it appeared that this wasn't to be...or so I thought.

About a minute or two after the fellow in the track suit had left, I decided that I had had enough pleasure for one day and off I went, well you could have knocked me down with a feather for standing just a few yards away on the pavement outside was the tracksuited chap whom I thought had finished with playing for the day.

He stopped me and started to say how much he had enjoyed himself watching and playing with the other two fellows and then proceeded to tell me his name was John (the same as mine) and asked me if I would like to go back to his house for more fun. Right out of the blue he began telling me how he liked to dress up in womens clothes and how his wife was aware of this and didn't mind etc. I told him why I didn't have time to go with him and he suggested that we both went over to the station toilets across the road as they were generally much quieter than the public loo's. Obviously he had been down this route before and as he was a very attractive looking man I did not need to be asked twice.

Onto the station platform and over the small bridge we went and down to the other platform off which there was the station loo. This was one of those old fashioned 'open air' type loo's without a roof. There was no one else in there. We went straight into a cubicle where he immediately relieved himself of any clothes he had on ( basically only the tracksuit)his body was completely hairless and the site of seeing him standing there with his enormouse erection stirred inside me desires that I must admit I hadn't experienced before with another man.For some reason this seemed to arouse me more than usual,I actually wanted John to give me the pleasures that I had previously given others. And boy did he know how to!

I started to kiss and lick him all over, sucking his nipples, his bum, sliding my fingers up and down his bum slit kissing and biting his neck and ears our lips met and he forced his tongue as far as he could get it inside my mouth for about a minute all the time we were both getting completely and utterly horny playing with each others tits. I then licked down his front until I reached his rock hard cock which gently glided into my mouth. He was obviously enjoying our sex making as much as I was.

I gripped his cock with both hands at the same time I had to make sure that his beautiful memmber stayed between my lips. He started to thrust back and forward. He began to groan, and thrust even faster into my mouth when suddenly he reached a fantastic climax and I could feel and taste his cum in my mouth and feel it hit the back of my throat.

We kissed some more and he seemed to enjoy tasting his own cum while giving me his tongue once again into my mouth.

A few minutes passed in which time he kissed and carressed my body and eventually made his way down to my cock which I am quite proud to admit is no small thing itself (over 7inches long and quite fat) and very slowly and gently at first let it enter between his lips. This went on for a few minutes. He then proceeded to turn me around, thoroughly wet his own cock with his saliva, all the time he was starting to get very horny again and his cock was once again standing to attention, he began to carefully finger my bum and opened it up until he very gently entered me slowly pushing back and forward and at the same time reached around the front of me and carefully wanked my cock which after the initial bit of pain was now as hard as I have ever known. I have been fucked on a couple of occassions before but not like this and certainly not enjoying being wanked at the same time. It seemed like ages but it was probably only a few minutes later when I had to let my lot go, and as my cum spurted through the air, I could feel the cheeks of my bum gripping his cock inside me, it was sheer ecstacy.

I have been back to this town and the same loo's several times but have not bumped into that 'sexpert' since. I can only envy those who have!