Written by WY Boy

14 Dec 2014

My lovely wife is slim and sexy, her 5'6 frame is nicely proportioned, short dark hair and sexy boobs which have readily hard nipples protruding magnificently, her pale skin is soft and smooth, her pubic area trimmed neatly and her lips regularly shaved. She has a lover with my full knowledge and my consent. Fortunately I love letting her go and find someone to have fun with and enjoy getting text updates of progress.

On occasions she merely goes out and meets friends so it is not a continual process, we enjoy the freedom we have carved for ourselves, I have no desire to go after other women, preferring to endure a kind of blissful torture whilst she is with another guy and enjoying his cock which will be given carte blanche in its quest to satisfy her.

Some may regard me as a touch weird in gathering my sexual highs by being absent from the action. my reply is that the mind can go to some strange places if it desires, so when she disappears dressed for the occasion. I know she is going to be fucked and so does she, but then I can create scenarios which might happen and fantasies that have been role played together in the past.

One such night occurred a few weeks back, when the weather was a bit warmer than the present chilly conditions, but this is not a weather forecast, it is a review of what happened one night when it ended in my wife coming home with a nicely filled cunt very early the next morning.

She met her lover in York and they had a light meal and a few drinks in some of the fabulous drinking establishments in the city. Liz teased her lover, kissing and rubbing suggestively against him, promising him a very sexy time, knowing he was hard for her. She continued teasing, and cajoling him until he said he needed her and soon. There were a few hotels around, and I was informed that her lover had booked a room on line and they were going to have some fun.

I asked where they were and was told they were now in the bar of the Premier Inn on Blossom Street, a main road in York near Micklegate Bar. I got a cheeky shot sent to me as they had a quick drink in the hotel bar, her dress tucked up and her sexy panties on view, the lips of her cunt visible due to a wet patch and evidence that her lover had been playing with her, the material taut and almost transparent.

I waited almost breathless for the next instalment, my mind running through, the thought she may do some more flashing before going to the room for their fuck. I was delighted to see her in the next picture flashing her now naked cunt in the corridor as she opened the door to their room, two guys walking towards them were in the picture too, what a great candid shot and so horny that two other guys got lucky enough to see her flashing them shamelessly.

The next picture had me grasping my cock, she was naked and standing near the door, a hand on the handle. The next picture saw her stepping into the corridor in just her heels, those sexy legs and that gorgeous bum. The top shot was when the next one arrived. The guys were still outside, obviously they had enjoyed and wanted more of her hot body. Her lover took some pics of them playing with her tits and then fingering her cunt and sent them to me the next day. Just as well or I would have exploded immediately and the tension would have been broken. You see, prolonging the torture is an art, the teasing pictures and the knowledge that she is enjoying another cock in her body and that she is bareback and going to be filled with spunk is the rush. Holding on is the key.

I sent my congratulations at the raunchy scene and offered Liz the opportunity to take all three cocks on but got no reply, apparently she was up for it but her lover was not prepared to share that particular night.

I got no more pics until the next day but received her version of events on her return at around half past four that morning. I awoke as the key turned noisily in the door and soon she was in the bedroom, I had left a light on, her grin was wide and she asked if \I had a gift for her, I drew back the duvet and showed her rampant cock desperate for release. I was on a hair trigger and insisted on getting the dirty details of her bedroom exploits. She said that once they were back in the room her lover stripped naked, his cock standing at its generous eight inches and looking thick and ready to go.

A slow and long kiss and then his head between her thighs and her lips being parted and explored by his tongue (he loves giving oral). Then a sixty nine as she loved his cock and talked dirty about him filling her cunt with his spunk. She said she felt extra rampant and told him he was not going home until she had two loads deep in her.

She revealed that he made her come with his tongue and she had been ravenous for his prick deep in her mouth and very nearly sucked him off and would have willingly swallowed the lot but he stopped her and said she needed fucking. She pushed him over and mounted him, taking his cock and impaling herself on his stalk, slowly sinking onto the full length and riding him gently at first and then going faster and fucking him urgently, his cock buried into her shaven lips and rubbing her landing strip against his cock hair. She told me she felt really dirty and kept thinking how she would love to have been fucking three guys, the idea that three cocks could have been up her, just maybe double fucked by al three, six loads of spunk, heaven. Back to reality, her lover fucked her and changed positions until his Achilles heel, he loves her bum and as he took her from behind, fucking her doggy style, he said how fabulous her arse was and then shuddered and shot his spunk deep in her. He collapsed and fell asleep (don't we all?).

They both slept and then as they awoke, she went down on him again and stirred his prick back into life. I know how good her sucking is and she said he got the works and he asked to see her playing with herself. Apparently she got a thrill out of doing this, sitting in a chair and having him set the lights and then kneel in front of her a couple of feet away and watching her go to town on her juicy cunt, splaying the lips, fingering her clit and making it grow, she got well into it, closing her eyes and concentrating on the thought that he was going to fuck her again with his lovely cock. She told me she came as she played and talked dirty to him, telling him how she was getting her slit ready for him to use and abuse as much as he liked because she was addicted to his cock and wanted his spunk in her again and again.

She said the entertainment of her lover had its effect and he was hard and ready when she finished. They then got on the bed and fucked gently as they talked dirty to each other, the pace getting stronger, Liz was rampant and fucked hard on him as his shaft sent shivers through her. She had one ace up her sleeve, he never made any secret of the fact he loved her arse and she whispered that he could fuck her arse if he would only give her another cunt full of his lovely spunk. It seemed like a trigger had been pulled and he flooded her with his white seed.

In the afterglow he reminded her that she would not regret her consenting and said it would be a dream come true. They both agreed that to do it that night was unrealistic but they would make it a very special occasion with a five star hotel for the night and a lot of pampering and steamy fun.

I agreed when she told me that it would be a great occasion and that I looked forward to helping her prepare for such a mind bending experience