Written by jockweiler

30 Apr 2015

Two weeks ago, during that hot spell of weather we had, I was walking my dogs along the banks of the River Weaver between Acton Bridge and Dutton Locks. It was fairly early , just after 9am. The path was very quiet and I had only passed one other dog walker. My mind was wandering along horny paths and in the distance I noticed a younger couple coming slowly in the opposite direction. They would be in their late 30's probably. There was something about the way he was talking in her ear and looking up at me and the way she was reacting that made me curious . She wafted her dress up along her legs and let it go and she adjusted her dress over her left breast as if he had been playing there just before spotting me. As they got closer, they were touching fingertips and she seemed to be listening to 'instruction' from him. About ten feet apart and going in opposite direction , I announced "good morning, lovely day !" Her reply was a wee bit strange as she said "thank you!" I added "yes and you are lovely too "

He was wearing a shirt and black trousers , she was wearing one of those floaty dresses that were see through with the sun behind. However, the sun was behind me. They stopped ,facing me ,and I heard him say "go on then".

I have to say that the air was charged between us all and I had the feeling that something was about to happen that I would enjoy. She moved a little closer still touching his fingers and I could clearly see her nipples hard and protruding through the flimsy dress. My cock was stirring in my trousers and I had what I would describe as a 'lazy lob'... LOL

I asked if they'd like to walk with me a little and she answered "yes" immediately. I suggested they reverse their direction and we walked without talking at all till we were alongside the dredging pool that lies alongside the river. At , I think , pole number 023 , there is a little path up the side of this dredging mud pool ( now solidified) for about 50 yards. There was a little padlocked gate but my dogs could slip under and the fence alongside was so low that we could step over with minimum effort. My idea was to get her , at least, off the main path and partially out of view.

at the head of this little path we all 3 stopped and she simply reached up and kissed him... I took my dogs' leads and looped them over a fencepost to stop them running off and watched intently. His hands wandered and the rear of her dress was pulled up to reveal a lovely rounded rump clad in little black boy pants. And then,he lifted it right off her head and she was naked except for flat shoes and those tight pants.

I couldn't resist and moved up to them placing my hands on her; first her rounded rear then around to grip her breasts whose nipples were absolutely bullet hard and longer than I had seen or felt before. He stepped away and watched, stroking what appeared to be a decent erection in his trousers.

She was making little guttural noises in her throat, her head was up and back and her chest thrust out to my hands; but I wanted more now and pulled her round to face me... her eyes said everything and I knew I could continue...

I crouched down and slid her knickers off revealing a neatly trimmed vagina that was glistening in the sunlight. My intent was to turn her again and fuck her from behind but she said "no,I want to be on top.."; so I lay down on my back having freed my cock and she straddled me and sank easily on top of it, grinding down on to me. She was very wet and slippery and it felt great as she plunged up and down. "don't cum in me!" was her command so I tried very hard but I have to admit failed miserably and filled her pussy full. She orgasmed too and arched backwards to watch her man cum after rapidly wanking his now exposed cock. As she did so, her hands went back to my ankles and she shuddered through a noisy 'cum'.

When she stood up over me , my semen was dripping out of her and back onto myself. She wiped herself with her knickers and gave them to me to wipe myself down. No mention further was made of the fact that I had just cum inside her against her request.. We all got dressed and I hung her knickers on a fence post ( still there as far as I know..will check today !)

I got a contact number and am looking forwards to another meet somewhere....

Amazing what can happen when it is least expected

Happy and satiated;