Written by Acey

10 Mar 2014

It may sound strange but I find it a massive turn on seeing my wife, Dianne sucking another man’s cock. We’ve been swinging for a while now and I’ve seen her fuck a few guys over the years. I suppose it’s because it’s the mouth she kissed our children and her mother with. To see the lips that she kisses me with wrapped around another man’s cock always fills me with lust, fear, pride and even a little jealousy. But I’m addicted to watching her doing it.

When we met Dianne had had a few boyfriends but only one before me had fucked her. It took her a while before on a drunken night she admitted to me how she’d kept her previous boyfriends happy with lots and lots of oral sex. And she admitted just how much she loved the feeling of large thick cock in her small pretty mouth.

From that moment I slowly became obsessed with the thought of seeing my wife sucking another man’s cock.

How do you tell your wife that you want to see her giving a blow job to another guy? “Hey honey, I love you but can you let some random man shove his meat in your face?” It’s just not going to cut it. So this fantasy grew inside me for years and then it happened when I least expected it.

John is my oldest friend; he was the best man when Dianne and I got married. He’s always fancied my wife. He’s told me enough times when he’s drunk that I know. But he’s rubbish with girls and although he was married, his wife and he split up many years ago and he’s not really had a girlfriend since. Dianne and I keep an eye on him as he’s our oldest friend and we often have him over usually to watch football or a movie and we all usually have a laugh together although usually it’s just me and John as Dianne leaves us to it.

One night John was over watching a movie and this night Dianne had hung around as she fancied the film too. There was quite a steamy sex scene in it and |I could feel that Jon and Dianne were a little uncomfortable watching it in front of one another. Dianne comes across as a bit of prude in front of others and John really didn’t know where to look or what to say. I started teasing John asking him when the last time he’d kissed a girl was. He admitted it had been years.

“Aww you’ve got to feel sorry for him” I said. Then the devil in me said,

“Go on Di give him a kiss. Show him what he’s been missing.”

Dianne protested but I could tell she wasn’t totally against the idea. She’d had most of a bottle of wine and her inhibitions might have slipped a little. So I pushed and after a moment or two’s she said,

“Oh go on then if it’ll shut you up.”

“Go on John” I said with a laugh “fill your boots.”

He couldn’t believe his luck and went and sat on the sofa beside Dianne. I expected a quick friendly peck or at worst a quick kiss and a giggle but Dianne and John had other ideas. He put his hand on her cheek looked into her eyes for a moment then bent forward and kissed her on the lips. Dianne was clearly responding and when he rested his other hand high up her thigh and she didn’t push it away I couldn’t believe it. It was clearly a passionate kiss and as I watched I realised that I wasn’t breathing and my cock was stiffening of its own accord. They kissed for a good couple of minutes then Dianne pulled away. She was red in the face and out of breath but she quickly composed herself looked at me and said,


I tried to sound flippant and deflected the comment onto John by saying,

“Well he looks satisfied.”

The conversation was stilted after that and John only stayed another half hour. Then when he’d finished his beer he said he had to go. He got his coat and just as he was about to leave I said,

“Does he not get a good night kiss?”

Dianne didn’t get up but she held her arms out and said,

“Oh go on then.”

This time there was no protest and John leaned over her and kissed her. His hands where resting on her hips and again they took their time before reluctantly they pulled apart and soon John was gone.

This continued to happen every time John visited when Dianne was there. The good night kiss became a regular thing. But it didn’t go any further. Dianne was to much of a prude and John was to much of a gentleman. However I wanted to push thing further. Every time I saw them kiss I was so jealous but so excited that I could barely contain myself. I thought about asking John to push things further but each time I got close I lost my nerve. Then summer came.

On the spare of the moment we one hot summer’s day we decided to have a barbeque and to my surprise Dianne asked if we were inviting John. I saw no reason not to and called him up. He arrived in the afternoon with a case of beer and some wine. Dianne had dressed in a short thin summer dress that buttoned up the front. When the sun was behind her it was virtually transparent but I hadn’t told her as I knew she’d get changed if I did.

I did the cooking and John and Dianne were drinking and chatting. I noticed with pride that John had positioned himself so that as he chatted with Dianne the sun was behind her. He would have had a great view of her sexy body. I didn’t realise how much Dianne had been drinking but when it started going dark and we went back indoors she was very tipsy.

We went from beer and wine onto vodka and we decided to put a movie on. I made sure that I picked one with a strong sex scene in it and I sat by Dianne on the sofa while John sat across from us. It was only when we were ten or so minutes into the movie I realised that where John was sat he could see up Dianne’s dress virtually every time she moved.

The sex scene in the movie was very erotic and as we watched it I stated kissing Dianne’s neck. I let my hand find her breast and realised she wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipple sprang up under my hand. I kissed her expecting at any moment that she would stop me. After all john was in the room. When she didn’t I undid the top few buttons of her dress so I could feel her breasts properly. I was amazed that she was allowing this in front of John and I realised she was so turned on that she didn’t care.

I continued opening buttons until her dress was completely open. Her breasts were still covered but barely and all that was covering her pussy was a tiny pair of white panties. I glanced down and I could see some wispy hairs peeping from the side. Taking all my courage in hands I looked over at John, who was watching us intently and said,

“Take over mate I need a drink”

My heart was in my mouth. Would she tell me off, would she say no? What she did was hold a hand out to John. I stood and moved out of the way and instantly John sat at the side of Dianne. I topped up my drink and took John seat opposite them. John was passionately kissing her and his hand was resting on her bare thigh, Then as I watched his hand moved up her body first stroking her belly, then disappearing inside her dress as her started feeling her naked breasts. She didn’t stop him or scold him she just allowed him to feel her tits. He pushed her dress aside and then stopped kissing her for a few seconds while he had a good look at her body, naked but for the tiny panties.

As I watched He went back to kissing her and now his hand slipped over her panties. She started a low moan as he stroked her through her panties. Then his hand disappeared inside her underwear and I realised his fingers were inside my wife’s pussy. Dianne’s eyes were closed and her breathing heavily as she lost herself in what John was doing to her. Then he bent his head forward and started sucking on her very erect nipple. How did I feel? Well my heart was pounding and my heart was in my mouth. There as a pang of jealousy but my dick was rock hard. I could hold back no longer and my hand found my own cock.

John now took one of Dianne’s hands and rested it on the bulge in his jeans. As I watched her hand unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and then his large, hairy and very stiff cock sprang into view. Her small hand was wrapped around his thick shaft and she started to slowly masturbate him. I couldn’t believe my eyes here in front of me my shy demure wife was allowing our oldest friend to finger her and suck on her nipples while she masturbated his glistening cock.

John must have felt constricted by her panties as in one swift movement he pulled them down to her knees and then He really started to finger fuck her in earnest. I actually saw her open her legs wider to allow him better access. Within a couple of minutes she was moaning loudly as his fingers pistoned in and out of her wet, hairy slit and I knew John had given my wife an orgasm. The only other man to do this since we’d got married over a decade ago.

She panted and took a moment to recover and then she totally shocked me. She did something I could never have believed. She bent forward and took Johns penis into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down and his big meaty cock slid in and out of my wife’s pretty mouth. Her hand was caressing his ball sack and now it was Johns turn to close his eyes and lose himself in pleasure.

She took his cock from her mouth, looked at it for a moment then she slowly ran her tongue from his balls to the tip of his penis then as she closed her mouth back over the knob end of his cock I ejaculated into my underwear. John didn’t last much longer and seconds later he emptied his balled in my wife’s mouth and she sucked him dry. Licking every last drop of seed from his cock and he squirmed, unable to control the spasms that his body was going through.

The room was silent and heavy with the smell of my wife’s juices. Then as if she was going to bed at the end of a movie Dianne said,

“I’m shattered, I’m off to bed and she stood, pulled up her panties and tottered out of the room and off to bed. John stuffed his cock away and fastened himself up. He was clearly embarrassed now the spell was broken but just said,

“That was great...Thanks...I’d ..better go”

Dianne was asleep by the time I got to bed. The following morning we talked about the night before. The only thing she regretted was that John would expect that every time he came over and I was told to make it clear it was a one off. But she did admit she’d enjoyed sucking his cock and swallowing his semen. She finally admitted that her fantasy was to do that with strangers. And that was how we found our way into this wonderful world that is swinging. Over the couple of years we’ve been swinging I’ve seen strangers fuck my wife but the biggest turn on is seeing her with another man’s cock in her mouth. I’ve seen her suck white ones, big black ones, hairy Asian ones and even a short stubby Chinese one. In one memorable occasion I’ve even seen her have a six man bukkake. But my fondest memory is that first accidental blow job that started everything off.