Written by bluebear

27 Mar 2018

to me there is nothing more erotic or horny than fucking another mans wife/girlfriend either one on one or allowing them to watch or join in.

I have worked as a schools caretaker for quiet a few years now and have had some great times with both lonely mums and female staff members

i got the liking for other mens wives after being at the school for about a year. it was never my intention to go down this road, the thought had never entered my mind of screwing somebody else's wife. but would often check out the mums at te school gates and think to myself wouldnt mind a ride on her.

i am always helpful when parents ask about doing odd jobs for them during my split shifts, just general D.I.Y and building stuff for them, never once did i charge or take any money, i was just happy to help and if honest glad for a bit of company.

i was asked one day by a woman called Mandy if i could fit a new radiator in her living room as she wanted to move the existing one from the side wall to under the window. i had spoken to Mandy and her hubs ken many times and agreed i would pop round that same day to have a look at what was needed.

i arrived around 1030am and was met by both Mandy and ken, i was shown into the front room where the radiator was to be moved from and to, i had a quick look round and said it wouldn't be a problem they would have to buy the stuff and i would fit it for them, explaining that i would run the new pipes along the skirting boards round the edge of the room to the new radiator, but was cut short as they wanted the pipes run under the floor boards as they didn't want pipe work on show.

they arranged for the stuff to be delivered on the Friday that week but ken would be away on business.

Friday arrived and i was back at theirs straight after my early shift had finished, Mandy let me and i got to work straight away. i hadn't taken much notice of Mandy when i first arrived as i wanted to get on and get things done quick.

as i was climbing (squeezing) out of the access for the footings Mandy was stood directly in front me she crouched down and placed a mug of coffee on the floor just in front of my face.

this gave me a clear view straight up her skirt as my head was just above floor level. i wasn't sure if she knew i could see or did it on purpose. i just stopped and reached up for the cup and staying where i was for a few minuets she dint move either and was just asking how much longer and general questions about the work. the whole time i had my eye firmly gazing at her little white thong and clearly shaven pussy. she suddenly asked if i was enjoying the view ?

trying to make an attempt at an apology, she stopped me and said at least you like what you see.

i kind of nodded and tried to apologise again . again she stopped me and said hurry down there and get cleaned up with that she was gone. i climbed out and tried to hide my obvious bulge sticking out of my overalls.

i went in to the kitchen to take them off and get cleaned up, i was stood there in juts my boxers and tee shirt when she came back in.

took one look at the bulge and said so you did enjoy the view then ? then wandered over and kissed my full on the mouth whilst gently grabbing at the bulge in my shorts. i responded by returning her kiss and letting my hands wander over her dress feeling her breast with one hand and searching up her legs with the other,

suddenly she broke off grabbed my hand and literally dragged me up stairs to her en suite, turned the shower on and got undressed telling to get my kit off!

we were in the shower in seconds kissing and feeling all over soaping each other up and washing it off, again she broke away and headed back into the bedroom and lay on the bed on her back.

i got on the bed half way down and started licking my way up her legs towards her pussy, where i went to work with my tong and fingers bringing her to her first of many cums, she squirted her juices all over my face before i worked my way up to her breast, sucking and nibbling each nipple as she came down from her come.

she then pushed me off on to my back and got on top and sank her warm wet pussy on to my cock and rode me for what seemed like 30 mins cumming several more times before i told her i was coming. to which she said just carry on don't you dare pull out. as soon as i had cum she climbed off and started to suck my cock clean. she soon had me hard again and wanted me to fuck her from behind doggy style. which i did for several more minuets feeling her cum a few more times before i finally came all over her arse cheeks. we lay on the bed for a few minuets getting our breath back.

feeling a tad guilty at this point i asked her not to mention anything to ken as i didn't want to get her or me in trouble.

dont worry about ken he knows all bout this, we planned it for a long time. then she picked up her phone and called him to let him know what she had just done and that he could watch it all when he got in!!

when she put the phone down i asked her what she had meant that he could watch it when he gets home. she then pointed out 3 very small cameras in the room!!

she told me they do this quiet a lot and ken loves to see the action and has joined in a few times. she said if i can keep this a secret there would be more fun times ahead for us both.

that was 9 years ago now and i still see her and ken every coupe of months, but that was just the start of some very amazing times i have had with a few other mums and even female staff members since i have worked there, i am now 52 and there seems no end in sight for my fun n games with the mums and female staff members. if anything things have got a whole lot more fun as i am sure they all chat to each other and tell each other what they get up to

more stories to follow if your interested