Written by bluebear

23 Apr 2018

we soon arrived back at my flat, I showed Jane & Michelle in took their coats and got us some drinks.

As we sat down I asked what their plan was as they had been very quiet in the taxi back ?

Its simple said M, We are both intrigued as to how you get away with what you have been doing, and why that video is doing the rounds with some of the parents at school.

i said i had no idea that the video was doing the rounds as all pics n videos were supposed to be for their own viewing and nobody elses! but went on to explain in great detail to them both how it had all started and i guess word spreads amongst the mums and parents and that i find myself being asked to do "jobs for parents" and end up screwing the mums, yet i know i am neither very good looking or have an enormous cock just Mr average but must be doing something right as i have no end of "jobs coming up during the Easter break"

Well, M said here is a one time offer for you, My husband will be here in about an hour and he has often said he would love me to fuck another man in front of him are you up for that? J's face was a picture at this point and said what the hell am i supposed to do ?

you can join in said M i know you are Bi, and i have wouldn't mind trying before my hubs gets here. and with that she leaned in and kissed J full french kiss and i no time at all they were striping each other of their clothes.

i sat mesmerised for about 10 mins allowing them to strip each other before moving them to the bedroom where i joined them on the bed after stripping too.

i was exploring M's pussy from behind whilst she was licking J's pussy, i ran my tongue back and forth between her pussy and bum. inserting my fingers and making her soaking wet, they both stopped for a moment and re positioned themselves so they were both face down hanging over the edge of the bed and told me to carry on what i had been doing.

I would lick and finger one whilst fingering the other for a few more mins, before slipping first into J then after a cpl of strokes pull out and move into M, at first M was not happy as she said she wanted her hubs to see when he got there, but i carried on regardless and he protests soon stopped and she started moaning. it wasn't long before i started to come i pulled out and squirted over both their pussies and ares's.

J & M continued for several more mins kissing and again exploring each others bodies, they stopped when M's Phone started to ring. M answered her phone and her hubs pete was outside she told him the flat number an i buzzed to let him

when Pete entered my flat he was surprised to see all three of us naked and a bit disgruntled to find out i had already fucked M.

Dont worry Babe she said you can watch us again in a few mins. But you can only watch and nothing else as this is your fantasy,

she then made him strip and sit on the single couch whilst she and J sat either side of me sucking my cock back to life. All the time she kept looking up at him and saying is this turning you on ? Pete Just nodded and she carried on with J sucking my cock, as soon as i was hard again she jumped on my lap and took my cock straight in her pussy riding for all she was worth, at the same time J was snogging her squeezing her tits with one hand and gently rubbing my balls with the other.

I lasted for quite a while before i said i was cumming, this didnt slow her down any and i emptied my second load of the evening this time inside her.

as soon as i had finished cumming she jumped off and walked over to Pete asking him did you enjoy that babe? before sitting astride him and taking his cock too!

whilst they fucked Myself and J moved back to the bedroom where i set to work finger fucking her and licking her pussy till she came with a loud squeal!

M by this time had Pete laying on the floor with her sitting on his face sucking his cock. she was making him clean her pussy of my cum but not allowing him to cum himself, when she had felt that he had done enough cleaning she climbed off and grabbed J back in to my bedroom once again telling Pete to stay where he was as this was her time to do what she wanted.

after 30 or 40 mins or so they both came back out from the bedroom to get dressed, thanking both me and her hubs before getting dressed, we spent the next cpl of hours talking through what we had just done. with M telling Pete that she would be calling round to mine again so she could come home with a full pussy for him to clean. and with that they called a taxi and left J stayed the rest of the night where i got to fuck her a few more times i even managed to fuck her virgin arse too.

well that was at the start of the east break and i have sent M home a cpl of times with her pussy full of my cum for her hubs to clean up, but since the new term has started things have stopped

but am looking forward to the six weeks hols though and will keep you posted