Written by dianddave

30 Mar 2019

A few weeks later, I went on a Wives Club trip to Berlin. Back then, before the Berlin Wall came down, it wasn’t easy for soldiers and their wives to visit, except on planned and authorised visits. I was in a room with Dawn, who I just knew to say hello to before. I knew her husband was a sergeant in a different Battery to my husband, so it was highly unlikely they knew each other.

Anyway, over the next month a so, Dawn and I met regularly for drinks and a chat. She wasn’t like other Senior NCO wives that I knew. Obviously, as women do, we talked about sex and I told her about Steve and my husband fucking me that night. At the end of it, she said that she wished that she was there, and we could have shared the cocks. I thought that her remark was just something she’s say after listening to the story. How wrong I was. I didn’t think that by the time her husband had returned from his exercise, she would have fucked Steve and my husband

A week or so later, John, Dawn’s husband, left for a training exercise in Canada. He hadn’t been gone long when she asked if she could come to our quarter one night for a drink. She also asked if Steve would be there so my husband wouldn’t be alone with two women. I checked with my husband and he was fine. Steve’s wife was away in England for compassionate reasons, so no problem there.

For those of you who served in West Germany in the late 70’s and early 80’s, the only English-speaking TV we received was BFBS and this was only one channel from about 5pm to 11pm; so, the main entertainment was music and games. I put enough LP’s on the record player for them to last a few hours and we played a few games of cards, drinking the bottles of beer as we went. The more we drank, the more the conversation turned to sex. I hoped that one of them wouldn’t mention about both men fucking me. My husband and Steve didn’t know that I had told Dawn all about it. As it turned out, no-one needed to mention it. Dawn asked Steve what he was into with regards to sex. He didn’t answer, so she started to question him. He finally gave in when she said that she would like to try group sex at some time, but she didn’t think her husband would do anything like that. She said he was just into the straight missionary position. It got more personal when she said that he hadn’t managed to bring her to an orgasm yet, so she’s had to fake them since they had been married.

Dawn pulled me up to dance. The men weren’t bothered. I think by this time, the alcohol had got to us all. While we were dancing, Dawn just lifted my top, showing the men my tits. I don’t know why I did it, but I lifted my arms so that she could take my top off, leaving me in just my bra. When she had thrown it the other side of the room, she took each of my tits in her hands and squeezed them, making my nipples stick out. The men must have seen them, my bra was only flimsy material. Dawn then put her hands on my hips and pulled me closer. She whispered in my ear for me to unzip her dress. I reached up and started to pull the zip all the way down. Her back was to my husband and Steve. I looked at them while I was pulling the zip down. I could see both their cocks were hard through their jeans. Steve had his hand on his, slowly rubbing it through the material. I realised that Dawn meant what she said about being fucked by my husband and Steve.

When the zip was fully down, I pushed her dress from her shoulders and it fell to the floor. Still dancing, she stepped out of it, standing in only her bra and knickers. Her hands went around my back, unzipping my skirt and letting it fall to the floor, then reaching up and unfastening my bra, freeing my tits. Unexpectedly, she kissed me, using her tongue inside my mouth. I forgot about the men as I felt my juices staring to run in my pussy. I had never been kissed like this before by another woman.

She slowly turned me around and moved me backwards towards the sofa. I fell back into a sitting position, my husband one side and Steve the other. By now they had both stripped and were slowly wanking their cocks. Steve pulled my head towards him and kissed me hard. I felt Dawn pulling my legs apart, placing each of my legs over Steve’s and my husbands. I felt a hand pulling my knickers to one side, exposing my pussy for the first time to another woman. My husband had one of my nipples in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. Another tongue ran lightly up one side of my pussy’s lips, then down the other. The tongue kept circling my pussy until finally delving inside me. I pulled Dawns head into my pussy, wanting her tongue as deep inside me as it would go as I came. Her tongue and mouth lapped up my juices that were flooding out of me. This felt like the best orgasm I had ever had.

My husband moved my leg as he moved towards the back of Dawn. He stood there, cock hard in front of him, then sank to his knees behind her. I saw her knickers move to one side and my husband lowered his head in between her legs and I knew his tongue was now probing into her pussy as Dawn moaned. By now I had Steve’s cock in my hand wanking him slowly. I watched as my husband again stood behind Dawn. He pulled her knickers from her and spread his legs slightly, aiming his cock downwards towards her arse. Dawn moaned as he entered her. I wanted to see his cock inside another woman, but all I could see was part of it as he pulled his cock out of Dawn and then rammed back into her.

Steve lifted my leg higher, moving me over onto my side. He moved into position so that his cock could find my pussy. I looked down to see Dawn holding it, taking him into her mouth before rubbing his cock along my lips and positioning him to enter me. She held his cock until he was fully inside me. Dawn’s tongue was flicking my clit as he entered and again, I came strongly. I looked at my husband, hammering into Dawn, and knew that he wouldn’t last much longer unless he slowed a little. Dawn suddenly pushed herself backwards onto his cock, stopping him fucking her as she came loudly. I watched as she slowly pulled herself from his cock. I could see her juices shining on his still hard cock.

Steve was speeding up, thrusting his cock into me harder and faster. He was going to cum and the way he was fucking me, there wouldn’t be any way of stopping him. Dawn made my husband sit on the armchair. She turned her back towards him, spread her legs over him, took hold of his cock and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. She held it as she slowly sank fully onto him. Leaning back, she placed her feet on his knees and began lifting herself up and down on his cock.

I could feel Steve’s cock inside me throbbing, feeling as it was getting bigger, as he was about to cum. I could now see my husband’s cock fucking another woman’s pussy. This gave me my orgasm before Steve, but I still felt each hard squirt hitting inside my pussy as he came deep inside me.

As his cock softened, Steve pulled it from me and moved towards my husband and Dawn. He offered it to Dawn and she took him into her mouth, cleaning him of the mixture of both our juices. I knelt in between my husbands knees to get as close as I could to his cock fucking another woman. I reached out and gently rubbed Dawns clit with my thumb. I could feel how wet and warm she was. I moved my fingers down my husband’s cock, feeling the mixture of their juices on his hard cock. I could see the thick vein on the underside throbbing, showing me he was going to cum any time. I wrapped my hand around his balls, gently squeezing them. I held them there as he came inside Dawn. I felt his cock as each spurt made its way inside Dawns pussy. As he continued hammering into her, his cum started to leak from between her lips and his cock. I automatically started to lick it into my mouth. As he stopped fucking Dawn, she lifted from him, freeing his cock. I took him into my mouth and sucked him clean. As I sucked him, his cock remained semi hard. Both Steve and my husband were hard again after a short rest when they both fucked me. With another pussy here to fuck, they would probably be hard again soon.

I felt Dawn’s hands on my shoulders as she pushed me back until I was laying on the floor. She spread her legs over my head as she knelt behind me. Leaning herself forward, she removed my knickers and pulled my legs wide, up towards my chest, widening the lips of my pussy. Lowering her head, her tongue found its way inside me, cleaning Steve’s juices from my pussy. Looking upwards, Dawn’s pussy’s lips were a little wide apart, my husband’s cum just starting to ooze from her. If I didn’t lick her clean, it would fall on my face. I reached up with my hands, one on each cheek of her arse, and pulled her lower towards me. My tongue pushed inside those soft lips. I tasted the inside of a woman for the first time, one that my husband had just fucked and filled with his cum.

As Dawn’s tongue finished cleaning me, she started to flick my clit, bringing me to another orgasm, then using her tongue to clean my juices. I felt a cock between my pussy’s lips, finally finding its way inside me. I moaned as it entered. I didn’t know who it belonged to, but I didn’t care. I opened my eyes as I felt a cock trying to find its way inside Dawn. It was Steve’s. I couldn’t be closer to a cock fucking a pussy as I watched him easily slid in and out of her. Both cocks were keeping a steady rhythm while they fucked us both, slowly building that sensation inside me. I began to rub Dawns little bud while Steve was fucking her. I heard her moan louder. I continued rubbing and sucking it, Steve’s cock rubbing over my face as his balls kept banging into me. It didn’t take long for Dawn to cum.

Steve started to fuck her faster and harder. Again, he was going to cum soon. At the same time, my husband was fucking me faster. I had my hand around the base of Steve’s cock as he fucked Dawn. Just as he was about to cum, I pulled him out and took him into my mouth, taking every spurt of his juice down my throat. I came as I felt my husband cum inside me, filling me at both ends. When my husband removed his cock, again, Dawn made sure I was clean.