Written by Hothands

1 May 2013

Liz, my wife and I owned an apartment in the centre of York. Having seen it shortly after retiring, we decided to use the lump sum on an investment rether than blowing it. We turned it into a holiday let which we serviced personally and used booking agents with a nationwide reputation. In the first year we were happy with the response and had very few weekends with the place empty. Most arranged a friday to monday turnround, leaving the plasce ready to be occupied midweek or left empty until the next weekend. On occasions we took ourselves into York for a meal and a few drinks and stayed the night with no fears of having alcohol and driving.

Liz had a lover at the time and the lure of a cosy hidden away place to sex had him very excited. Pete arranged to get away from his house and meet Liz in town for a drink prior to his first visit to the apartment. I had taken Liz into town in the car at the time she was forty five and aerobics had kept her trim and fit, her 36F breasts topped with sensitive nipples and a tightly trimmed bush making a lovely woman irresistable when naked. Liz was dressed in a tight skirt and low cut top that night and wearing hold ups and heals around four inches, she was taller than I.

I suggested that I made a small gap in the curtains where I could catch a glimpse of the action without pete knowing. This way i said I thought he would be less inhibitted than if I was watching or taking part, which we had done in the past. She said she was fine as long as I didn't mind standing in the yard in the misty drizzle that was filming the windscreen of the car on this October night. I had a fleece in the boot and with it being dark, I would blend in with the dismal evening. She went off to meet Pete when he phoned to say he was nearly in town but on the bus because of having a drink with her.

I kissed her goodbye and she left, her heels clicking as she went for her date. my cock was already stiff and I watched a bit of porn on the TV which I had brought from home for her to show him. The rearranged signal that they were on the way allowed me to make the place look unused, plumping up the cushions and straightening the coffee table and magazines, then washing out my glass, leaving the winebottle and two glasses for them as they entered the apartment.

I caught my breath as I heard footsteps and voices as they neared the front door, I had slippe quietly out of the kitchen door and was now peering through my gap in the curtains with a very good view of the sofa I hoped they were going to use instead of going straight into the bedroom and the four poster bed. I was in luck, she steered him into the lounge and they started to kiss even before her coat was removed, hjis hands exploring her body and moans of appreciation came from them both. Liz sat Pete down and went out of sight, I stayed where I was, watching him eyeing her up and smiling broadly.

She returned with two glasses of red wine and sat next to him, a quick chink of glasses and a sip, then putting them down on the coffee table, they resumed their kissing but now clothing was being disturbed, Liz was feeling his generous thick cock and he had his right hand up her skirt, I could not quite catch their conversation, but the smiles made it obvious they were both happy with what was happening. His hand stayed beneath her skirt and the movement of her hips and her sighs told me her cunt was both wet and being well roused.

A few minutes passed and then Liz slid off the sofa and knelt on the floor in front of Pete and undid his trousers, and together they slid them down along with his boxers and she had his cock in her heand as soon as she had removed his shoes and socks along with the trousers and pants, cupping his balls, she licked them and moved up his shaft, my cock strained and I had to let it out and started to play with it as I saw her taking long licks and sucks of his prick. Pete removed his shirt and lay naked appreciating her expertise at sucking and I was happy to watch, Pete oblivious to my presence.

It was soon Liz's turn to lose her clothes, Pete had been sucked for ten minutes or more and I think he may have been close to coming, so stopped her and stood up with her and undid her tight skirt, which she eased over her hips and off, the thong and hold ups looked great, her cunt lips were exposed from Pete's groping and he made short work of getting them off, Liz kicking them across the room. Her top came off and he undid her bra and it slipped away from her body. I heard him say how gorgeous she looked and then they kissed and felt each other in a most loving way with Pete gently stimulating her clit and her bum tightening in response. He then got her on the sofa and knelt down to return the favour of licking her cunt, probing his tongue in deep and getting her writhing in pleasure.

My view could not have been better, I was a mere three or four feet from the action and if the window had been open I would have got the aroma of sex, but it wasn';t and I would have been heard for sure as my breathing was heavy and I was muttering to myself as if I was doing a commentary, saying things like 'He likes that Liz' or @he is going to fuck you my lovely wife, he can see your cunt and he is going to slip his cock in you soon' Silly I know but they helped me feel even more involved as if my thoughts were making Pete do the deeds.

The wonderful scene continued and Pete said something and Liz turned over, her face towards the back of the settee and her knees on the floor, her bum and cunt facing towards hid cock. Doggy fashion in comfort, she buried her face in the cushions and he slipped his cock slowly into her and then began to fuck her with a steady rhythm. Liz's gasps were in harmony with his thrusts and soon he was showing a shiny shaft smothered in her juices. Tey fucked for a while in this position and then they changed to face each other with Liz laid back on the sofa and him fucking her deeply. The lovers then stood up and went out of sight where he had taken her to the fireplace and turned her round and spread her feet and then fucked her standing up , I got a part view in a mirror but only from the waist up.

Then I lost sight of them when he led her out of the lounge into the corridor and into the bedroom. despite my best attempts, I could not hear anything except the odd squeak from the metal bedframe, so i returned to the car and sat in it until I saw him leaving the apartment. Liz rang me and said i had some cleaning up to do and I waited until Pete had disappeared then went back into the apartment where the heady musk of sex hit my nose and I found Liz naked on the bed with a steady stream of spunk trickling out of her reddened cunt lips. Iwas stripped and on her in seconds, lapping up the juices and tasting the mixture of spunk and her juices, a fabulous cocktail which no exotic drink can emulate, I soon added my cum to his in an unwanted haste of release, that is the worst of all the exciting build up, sometimes I am just that bit carried away, but as long as she has enjoyed it, then so did I. I do love my wife, we have been having fun now for thirty two years on and off with other guys and I have remained completely faithful to her and feel no urge to ever change that, as long as she is happy