Written by Lancscpl69

12 Jul 2011

See our story from 10th July when we went dogging to a place near Preston - this is part 2

With the kids about to finish for the summer and thus curtailing our daytime activity we decided that we would head out again to find some fun. We decided to stick to the same spot as it is very private and the perfect place for discreet fun. Logging into the chatroom mid morning Tuesday we got chatting to a few guys who were interested in meeting. After swapping pics and supplying our secret location details we arranged our meet.

Christine and I got there 10 mins early so we could take some pics of Chris in her black and white dress with sexy black hold ups and killer red knickers (see profile pics). We had only taken a few pics when the first guy turned up, we jumped back into the car. As planned, and just like last week I was filming Christine in the passenger seat when our first stranger approached the window. Again, they watched each other for a while before the fun started.

Feeling like Martin Scorsese doing porn, I was out of the car first before Christine could open her car door. The whole episode began in front of me and my camera.

When Chris opened the door both her and the stranger held back and just watched each other for a good few minutes. I was eager for the fun to start but they both seemed to be enjoying the view. Eventually they could not hold back any longer, our first stranger started gently rubbing C's tits and nipples while she stroked his cock gently - this lasted for a good few minutes before C leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth. She was loving this and sucked and stroked gently for what seemed an eternity. He moved his hand south and was rubbing his fingers up and down Christines clit through her knickers. Her legs were getting wider enjoying what he was doing and her breathing was getting heavier and the noises louder.

I was filming all this in front of me with a shaky hand eager to get my own cock out but this was all for Christine so I cum last.

I heard another car approaching, usually at this point everyone dives back into their car and hides in case it is you know who but these two were so engrossed in their fun they carried on. Luckily, our visitor was the other guy from the chatroom. He approached, stood back calmly and watched the proceedings enjoying what I was seeing through my camera. Seeing Christines eyes dart from the cock she was playing with to the new guy I sensed she wanted more. I nodded to the new guy to join in which he did with eagerness, trousers down and cock out before we could blink.

Christine then leaned out of the car to stroke both cocks. I could tell she was in her element and getting more turned on by the second. While she was playing with the cocks they were playing with her. Before long, her tits were taken out of her bra and nipples were being rubbed gently with a little bit of rough (if that makes sense). Christine took over at this point, she stood up and removed her dress - what a sexy sight, my wife in her red underwear sucking and wanking 2 cocks outside in the open being touched at the same time.

Thinking I was filming an epic I told Christine to get out of the car, and at the same time I told the 2 doggers to touch her wherever they wanted. There were hands everywhere, boobs, bum and clit. She was wanking and sucking and they were feeling and groping. Chris was leaning against the car with a cock in each hand while they were having a good grope. To be fair to Christine, she wanted cum over her and she knew this was the part I loved watching.

She crouched down and told the guys to cum over her. She wanked and sucked both of them till they could no longer hold on. They both came over her tits, covering her in spunk and obviously loving what had just happened. To be fair to both the guys they quickly said thanks and left leaving us to our own fun. I stopped filming and followed the guys' actions - while C was rubbing the spunk into her tits I wanked in front of her eventually giving her more - again she was covered.

We cleaned up and left our dogging site, looking forward to returning soon for part 3