Written by George and Carol

18 Aug 2011

Our first dogging experience - June 1986

Hello. I’m George and my wife is Carol and we’ve been married over 38 years now. I thought I’d write in about the first time we ‘dogged’, although it wasn’t called that then. This was 25 years ago in June 1986 - we’d been married 13 years then and I was 32 and she was 30. I can remember every detail like it was yesterday. We live in the North West.

We’d known each other since childhood, married young and had 3 children and we got on together fine. We never argued and there was none of this ‘not tonight’ nonsense. We had a good sex life, we had a vibrator and a dildo although we only used them sometimes, and I was the only man she’d ever slept with - in fact, she’d never even been fingered. I’d had lots of girlfriends but Carol was always the one I’d hankered after. She’s about 5’ 4” tall, very pretty, a very ‘fit’ size 10 / 12, well proportioned and well shaped - shoulder length mousey blonde hair, great legs, great arse, great tits and you would never have known she’d had 3 kids - many of my mates had remarked over the years how ‘fit’ she was. She looked great naked, too - no stretch marks, no cellulite, her tits were still firm and she’d never ‘shaved’ other than when she’d had the kids and that was great - I liked pubic hair and hers was not too much but not to little - an almost perfect V. She wasn’t over-keen on arse shagging and it wasn’t an obsession with me, but sometimes she wanted to do it, so we did - always on her terms and when it suited her. She loved her arse being licked, though - it sent her wild.

I used to read the ‘readers wives’ tales in copies of Fiesta that lay around where I worked, and several times I’d actually dreamt about me watching her being fucked - on a few of those occasions, I’d woken and she was sucking me off and she’d remarked afterwards that I must have had a nice dream because I was ultra hard and came harder and more than normal. One night we were just talking and we were talking about our life and all that and she asked what would I change, if anything, and I told her that I would go back and do it all again, exactly the same. She said the same, then I asked her if she had any fantasies and she said not really, then she asked me, and I was a bit reluctant but she sensed my reluctance and pressed me and eventually I told her I’d read these ‘readers wives’ stories and that some of them had turned me on. I explained that it was a sex thing, not a love thing and that it was important to me that she understood that, and she said she did. She asked how long I’d fantasised about that and I told her for quite a while. She asked did I think about it a lot and I said that I wasn’t obsessed or anything but it was something I had wanted to do for a while, but only with her - I had no interest in me shagging anyone else, it just turned me on the thought of watching her fuck. She asked did I think about that sometimes when she sucked me off and I said yes - she smiled. That night, we shagged with a bit more purpose and she was wetter and hornier than usual and we both came harder. I never pressured her and she liked that, but we did ‘talk about it’ of sorts on a regular but infrequent basis, usually in bed - she never talked about it first and she always seemed reluctant to explore it further, but again, we always shagged after talking about it and she was always wetter and hornier than normal and, like me, always came quicker and harder.

I’d photocopied a few of the best stories (or best to me) and kept them in an envelope at the back of my drawer in the bedroom to read occasionally. They were mainly stories from what seemed otherwise ordinary people who were just into swinging - nothing vulgar or dirty, just stories of sexy encounters between consenting couples and more. My favourite 2 were about a bloke and his wife and the darts team, and a bloke and his wife and a group of teenagers in the chalet next door when they were on holiday. They were really erotic, or they were to me.

We would usually have a night out on Saturday night and would often go to different pubs in adjoining towns, just for something different really, and occasionally we would go to a nightclub. I didn’t drink when driving, but she’d have half of lager, then gin and tonics. Dressing up and going out for a few drinks relaxed her and made her horny and we’d usually stop off on the way home for a shag, then shag again in bed when we got home. At some point during the night in the pub or club, sometimes 2 or 3 times, I would ask her if she’d seen anyone she fancied and occasionally she said yes - my heart would start to race, then when I asked who, she would smile and kiss me and say “you”.

We’d gone out to this pub this Saturday night and were sat next to each other at this table but against the wall on some bench seating and it was pretty packed - very busy and very noisy with the jukebox and hustle bustle of people constantly coming and going. You couldn’t really talk so we had to talk into each others ears. When she said something to me, she’d kiss my cheek and I liked that. We’d been in about ¾ of an hour and I leaned towards her and asked had she spotted anyone she fancied and she said into my ear “yes”. I asked who, waiting for her to say “you” and I was floored when she said “I like those 2 over there, they look nice”. “What? Where”, I asked and she said “don’t look now but those 2 at the table across from us under the window”. I glanced over and there were 2 lads sat there, early to mid 20’s I would guess. “Are you serious” I said, and she said “well you asked me, so I’ve told you”. My heart started to race and my cock stiffened - it was rock hard. I tried to say something but couldn’t get it out and I was a bit fuddled, so I said nothing, just sat there with my heart racing and my cock throbbing. She was sat on my left and she put her hand on my thigh and her palm brushed up against my throbbing cock - “hmm, you can’t go to the bar in that state, can you”, she whispered and smiled and kissed my cheek. My cock was bursting. She got up and took her purse out of her bag and went to the bar.

She looked really nice, but sexy too - she had a ruffled multi coloured summer skirt on, not short but a couple of inches, or maybe 3, above the knee, and a pink ruffled drop neck blouse which fastened at the front with duffle coat like cords - it was like the mediaeval serving wenches used to wear. It was loose and low cut but no visible cleavage unless she leaned forward. She had a black bra and black silk knickers and was bare legged. She had a very short lightweight jacket which barely covered her tits.

I watched her as she walked away and she looked just great, but I also watched these 2 lads out the corner of my eye and they were eyeing her up. She came back and sat down and put her hand back on my thigh and smiled again. You still couldn’t hear what anyone said it was so noisy so we still had to talk in each others ears. She leaned over and kissed my cheek again and said “do you think they fancy me” and I said “yes, they watched you walk to the bar and back again” and she said “I know, they came in after us and they’ve been looking at me ever since they sat down”. “You vain bastard”, I joked and she giggled…..”Are you horny”, I asked ? “Mmm”, she said. And my cock twitched a little more. “Fucking hell”, I said, “I think I’m going to spunk” and she said “me too”……Fucking hell, I nearly died…

I was speechless, then she whispered that she loved me. I turned and said “so what now” and she said “I don’t know, but I’m not going to make the first move”. I couldn’t believe she’d just said that, then I said to her “are you sure about this” and she said “no, but I’m sure enough to see what happens - that’s if you want to”. “Are you fucking kidding”, I said, and she smiled and said “no”. “Ok”, I stammered - “what happens, if anything, is up to you - you’re in control”. “I know”, she said. “At any point….” I said and she stopped me mid sentence and said “it’s OK - I know what I want”.

After all this time and all the thoughts I’d ever had, something was in the air. The one thing I’d never really considered, though was how it would start. As I glanced at these 2 lads again, I noticed a cigarette packet and lighter on the table. We both smoked, but not a lot - only socially, really.

I took my cigarette packet out of my pocket and took 2 out and gave her one - she had her cigarette between her fingers and I had mine in my mouth and I was feeling in my pockets and patting them, making like I couldn’t find my lighter - it most have looked really wooden. I accidentally on purpose glanced over at their table and said “you lads got a light” and one came over and lit Carol’s cigarette, then mine. “Cheers mate”, I said, and offered him one - “thanks” he said. I said “you can’t hear yourself bloody think in here” and he said “it’s always like this”. I asked if he was local and he said “yes, you?”, and I said “no, first time in here. I’m George and this is my wife Carol” and held my hand out. “Darren” he said and we shook hands. “Pleased to meet you” I said. He shook Carol’s hand too and said “pleased to meet you too” “Do you and your mate want to join us” I asked and he sat down and then motioned his mate to come over - he picked up both their drinks and fag packet and came over, shifted the stools about a bit and sat opposite us. Darren introduced his mate as John and I introduced Carol, then me and we all shook hands.

I offered John a cig and he took it and lit up. My mind was going bonkers about how to actually broach all this when Darren asked could they get us a drink and I said “thanks, lager shandy” for me and he asked Carol and she said “gin and tonic”. John stood up and said “it’s ok, I’ll go, will someone give me a hand” and Darren was starting to get up but Carol said “I’ll come” and she got up. John stood back and let her up, then followed her to the bar. It was pretty busy and they were stood 3 or 4 deep but they were chatting away as they waited to get served - she was smiling a lot and she held his gaze as they chatted - she liked him.

“Fucking hell mate”, I said to Darren, nodding towards the bar, “they’ll be there all frigging night”. “I don’t think he’ll complain”, he said. “No”, I said, “I don’t think she will either”.

We started to chat about everything and nothing really and he passed comment about a girl who walked past. I didn’t respond and he said “lucky cunt who’s shagging her eh, but I guess it won’t bother you” and I just said “no, no contest really”, and he said “yep’

“So what brought you in here” he said. I thought for a moment or two then said “look, you might think this is a bit strange but my missus fancies you and your mate”. He looked a bit shocked and didn’t say anything immediately, just looked towards Carol and John at the bar, her giggling like a schoolgirl, then he looked back at me. Before he had chance to say anything, I said “we’ve talked about this a lot but never done anything about it because she’s never seen anybody she fancied before, but, well, now she has”. He pulled 2 fags out, gave me one, then lit them both. He took a deep drag and exhaled slowly. “You’re fucking serious aren’t you” he said, and I said “yes, and I think she is too, but if so, no rough stuff or dirty stuff”. “Do you do this a lot” he asked, and I said “no, as I said before, we’ve talked about it for a long time but never ever done anything because she’s never fancied anyone, but she said tonight she fancied you two. She knew you’ve been eyeing her up” and he said “yea, as soon as we sat down I said to John ‘fuck me, man, how fit is she’. We were watching her kissing you - she’s well shagworthy. He said to me that she fancied us because every time she crossed her legs, her skirt rode up that little bit more and he said she was doing it deliberately, flashing her legs at us - she’s watching us watching her”.

“Well she never said anything to me and I never spotted that”, I said, and I hadn’t. We looked towards the bar and they were coming back - I caught her eye and glanced briefly past her shoulder and she looked round and saw the ladies sign. John put our drinks down, she put their drinks down, then said “back in a minute” and headed off to the ladies. My fucking cock was throbbing like never before and I wondered if she would wank herself off in the ladies - I know I would have done in the gents.

“You know what you said before about Carol”, Darren said to his mate. John looked a bit uncomfortable and gave him a funny look, but Darren just said “you were right”. “Eh”, John said and Darren said “you were right - she does fancy us - ask George”, and I just nodded. I told him what I’d told Darren and he was dumbstruck. “Fucking hell” he said, “you hear about this and watch porny videos but it’s always someone else”. I just said to them “so where do we go from here?” “About 3 miles down the fucking road to a shagging spot”, he said and we laughed a bit nervously.

“We’ll see what’s what when she comes back, but I know she’s horny as fuck, as am I” I grinned ”fuck knows about you two” They both exhaled heavily with a sort of ‘phew’. “I’m fucking in” said Darren “me too” said John. “What now?” he said, and I said “sooner is better I think - where’s this lane? We’re parked on the car park at the back” “Us as well” they said “so you follow us” “Ok” I said, “when we get to where we’re going and park up, it’s best if you come to our car”.

“Nothing may happen yet, but if it does, one or 2 do’s and don’ts” I said “well, just one really - no arse shagging. Oh, and obviously, no rough stuff. She likes kissing and she likes her nipples being sucked, She fucking loves sucking and she loves her cunt being licked. And when she’s really excited she comes really quick. She’s a bit noisy sometimes and she gets carried away a bit as well”

And that was it - it seemed a bit awkward for a minute or two with no-one really knowing what to say, I suppose, and the fags were out again, but then she was back - she’d taken her jacket off and she put it over her bag on the floor under the seating.

“Alright ?” she said looking at me, and I said “yeah - we’ve been having a bit of a natter and thought it might be nice to go somewhere else”. She nodded slightly. “Who?” she asked. “All of us” I said “that’s if you want to”. “Oh - this somewhere else, is it another pub?” she asked and I said “no”. “Oh” she said. She looked at John and Darren “so you’re coming too, are you?”’ she said with an ever so slight grin. “If that’s Ok with you and George” they said. She looked at them in turn for a few seconds, then looked at me - I nodded slightly and she looked back at them. “So where’s this somewhere else” she asked. “It’s somewhere a bit quieter” stuttered Darren”. “Mmm, a bit quieter, is it” she mused. She paused for what seemed like forever, then breathed deep and quizzed “now?”. “Fucking too right” I blurted out and she mock cuffed me on the side of the head “You” she said - she always did that playful cuff if I swore in front of her in company - the truth is, when she was horny, she was worse than me.

She leaned forward to pick her bag up and we could see right down her top - the lads eyes nearly popped out as her tits wobbled in her bra as she sorted her bag out. She sat back up and sipped slowly at her drink. I wasn’t bothered about mine and the lads were only on halves anyway. It seemed like an age as she sipped away, none of us saying anything but I think all three of us were thinking the same - ‘for fucks sake, hurry up, woman’. There was a cig burning in the ashtray - John had lit it I think and put it down and she picked it up and started to smoke it. Then she finished her drink and said “so we’re off to the quiet place are we” with a smirk. None of us replied and she said “well come on then”. We all stayed seated for a few moments then she stood up and said “get up then if we’re going and let’s go” - we all stood up a bit sheepishly and she looked at each of us, then down at our cocks, and we looked at each other - we all had hard-ons. They stood back to let her out and she linked my arm, hugged it and smirked at me and they followed us out into the car park.

We had a Ford Cortina and she went straight to the passenger side. I followed her, unlocked and opened the door for her and she got in and I closed the door. Darren and John were getting in a Ford Capri with John driving, so I nodded, then got in, started the engine and started to follow them out of the car park.

“What do you think they’re saying to each other” she said, and I said “I don’t know, but I bet it’s not fucking football”. She giggled “what did you say to them”, she asked. “I just told Darren you fancied them while you were at the bar with his mate” I replied “and it went from there”. I told her what they’d said about crossing her legs to show more leg and she giggled again “I was watching them out of the corner of my eye” she said “you should have seen their faces”. “You fucking hussy” I said, and she giggled more. “I love you” she said and their Capri signalled to turn off into a side road, then turned again into another side road and then there were no street lights and the road turned into a dirt-track and they slowed down. “It’s still light” she said and I said “yeah - are you apprehensive” and she said “no”, I said “are you excited” and she said “yes”. I started to ask “are you sure……..” and she said “I’m fine - I’m horny and I want to come”. She flung her arms round me and started kissing me and I nearly ran into them as they stopped beneath the trees.

She kissed me long and hard, squeezed my bursting cock, pulled away, kissed me quickly again then got out. She tried to open the back door but the child lock was on so I leaned back and opened it from the inside. She got in, left the door open and leaned over and opened the other door. “John and Darren had stayed in their car as we stopped, but as Carol got in the back, they got out and walked towards the open doors. “Did you wank in the ladies?” I asked quickly. “No, I wanted to wait” she said “I didn’t even have a wee, just waited there to give you a few minutes with them”. They seemed a bit hesitant as they got to the doors but they got in slowly, closed the doors and just sat there. She put her outstretched legs up on the centre console and said “be a love and take my shoes off” and I did. She turned to Darren and smiled “hello” she said and kissed him quickly full on the lips, then turned to John and smiled and said “hello” and kissed him full on the lips too.

She leaned forward and said “will one of you unfasten my bra?” Darren was on her left and she turned her back on him a little as he unfastened it from outside her blouse. She reached under the shoulder of her blouse and pulled one strap down over her arm, did the same the other side then undid the top toggle on her blouse, reached inside the front of her blouse and pulled her bra out and her tits wobbled as the bra released them.

“I hope you two are going to take your shoes and socks off” she said “there’s nothing worse than a man with just socks on”. They both bent forward to do just that and she said to me “you too”. I did and knelt back up on the driver’s seat.

Darren finished first and as he started to lean back, she turned and started to kiss him properly. My cock nearly burst my jeans. She fumbled at his t-shirt, tugging it out of his jeans, then broke away from him saying ‘take this off’. As he was pulling it over his head, she leaned in to him and sucked hard on his nipple and her hand went straight to his groin and felt for his cock - I could see the outline of it in his jeans, rock hard, and he pushed his groin upwards against her hand.

She kissed him fully again and broke away and turned to John. She leaned over and kissed him and started to unbutton his shirt - again, she broke off and felt his cock and again, the outline was easily visible. “Take your shirt off” she said, then leant back and started to slowly unfasten her blouse - she was looking me straight in the eye with a wry smile. “You take your shirt off too”, she said to me, and it was off in a flash. She was staring straight at me as she pulled her blouse from out of her skirt and finished unfastening it.

She leant forward a little and slipped her blouse off her shoulders and she was naked from the waist up - I could see her nipples were hard and could barely imagine how wet her cunt was. She turned to John, kissed him fairly quickly, then pulled his head down to kiss her tits - he cupped het tit and started to knead it and sucked on her nipple - I could see it stuck out, hard and bulbous like a doorbell, glistening with his saliva - she loved that. She reached down and stroked his cock through his jeans and his legs opened a little as he pressed his hips upwards into her hand. She brought her hand back up and turned and put both arms round Darren in a long, lingering kiss. She ran her hands up and down his chest, then over his jeans feeling his cock. He felt her other tit, tweaking the nipple between his finger and thumb and I noticed her thighs open just a fraction and knew that her cunt would be oozing. She broke off kissing him and was panting a little - it was very warm and it was all steamed up and she was starting to sweat a little - her hair was ruffled and she looked like the sexiest woman on earth.

She kissed the top of John’s head as he was kneading her tit and sucking her nipple, then she put her hand on his, pressed it hard into her tit, then slowly pushed it down her stomach, over her thigh and onto her knee. She gasped as she moved her hand off his hand and onto his wrist, then fed his hand round and inside her knee and part up her skirt on the inside of her thigh, and she opened her legs just a little more.

She turned back to Darren, kissed him again then started to fumble for the button on his jeans. He breathed in a little and she popped the button, then felt for the zip and started to unzip his jeans. She broke off the kiss “take them off” she panted and he lifted his arse up as she tugged at his jeans. As his jeans came over his thighs, his cock stood up inside his boxers and she bent down and kissed the top of it - I could see it twitching, bursting to get out.

He pushed his jeans off and he slipped a little further down in the seat and she slipped a little lower too towards him, which moved her a bit closer to horizontal - her head was on his chest as he’d slid further down and she was kissing his stomach and running her tongue across his skin as she slowly inched her way lower. His cock was stood up like a flagpole, the end twitching every couple of seconds or so.

John’s hand was inside her thigh up her skirt and as she’d slid down little by little, she was almost flat on the back seat. She pushed her hips onto his hand and gave a little moan and I knew his fingers had touched her cunt over her knickers. “Fucking hell, you’re wet through” he said and she broke off kissing Darren’s stomach and turned to look at John, then put her hand on his and pressed his hand to her cunt. She opened her legs wider and I could see her thighs, moist with sweat and John’s hand rubbing her cunt through her knickers.

She looked straight at him - “take my knickers off and fuck me” she said, and lifted her arse a little.

She turned her head back to Darren and tugged at his boxers - “off”, she said, and he lifted his arse again as she peeled them down. His cock sprung from his boxers and quivered like an arrow - you read all these stories about wives and other men and they all have huge circumcised cocks, so I was dead relieved to see his cock was like mine, average.

She pulled his boxers past his knees and he worked them off with his feet - he was stark naked, my wife’s head inches from his throbbing cock and I just knew she was going to suck him dry.

John pushed her skirt up over her stomach and grabbed each side of her knickers with his finger and thumb and started to slowly peel them down. The first sight of her cunt hair as it came in to view was just electric as her knickers were peeled down her hips, then all her hair was visible, then her knickers were down to her knees, then her shins, then her ankles, then they were off completely. Her legs were open wide and I could see her cunt oozing.

Darren was spellbound as he lay there with her head on his stomach and his cock straining towards her face, looking past her tits at her cunt. His right hand reached over, slowly squeezed her tit, then snaked down towards her cunt, his fingertips disappearing in her cunt hair. She reached her hand out and fumbled for John’s head - she put her hand behind his head and pulled it down into her cunt.

As John’s lips pressed against her cunt, she gyrated her hips a little to get a better position, then turned a little on her side, then turned back to Darren and put her lips against the tip of his cock and kissed it. She grabbed his cock and pulled his skin right back and I watched transfixed as the head of his cock throbbed and she slowly slid her mouth over it. Her lips went down and down then his eyes rolled as her lips brushed his cock hair - all his cock was in her mouth. I was dumbstruck as I watched the base of his cock twitching as my wife sucked him off.

She started to move her head slowly up and down and he was pushing up a little, fucking her mouth - her eyes were open and she was watching me watching her. I just knew her tongue was licking the head of his cock while her lips were wanking the shaft and I knew he wouldn’t last more than a few seconds.

She took her mouth off his cock and looked at John licking her cunt. “I’m fucking coming” she said and turned back to suck Darren’s cock again. She held his foreskin down at the base of his cock with her thumb while she was kneading his balls and she sucked him a little faster for 5 or 6 seconds or so then he groaned and his head jerked back a little and she stopped sucking him momentarily - she was still watching me watching her - he’d just come in her mouth. His cock twitched each time he shot a load in her mouth and he seemed to shoot load after load and I watched her throat as she swallowed and swallowed. She took her mouth off him and he shot a great gob of thick spunk on her cheek and lips, then his cock twitched again and another great gob of spunk spurted out on her cheekbone and she put her mouth back over him and finished him off. I watched the spunk slowly dribble down her cheek as she sucked him dry.

She started to groan and I knew she was about to come - she rolled on her back and pulled John’s head into her cunt and pushed her hips into him. “Lick my fucking cunt” she said and screamed a little as she spunked. She pulled his head into her as she said over and over “fucking lick me, fucking lick me, fucking lick me”. She slowly released her grip on him and as he came up for air, his face was all wet and glistening.

Darren was still hard - his foreskin was still pulled back and his cock was all wet with saliva and spunk.

She sat up a little and pivoted on her arse, then pulled her skirt round, unzipped it and slid it off - she was stark naked.

She leaned down towards John and he knelt up and she had his jeans undone in an instant and down to his knees, boxers as well. His cock was about average too and she grabbed it roughly and started to wank him. Darren moved her further on to the seat then started to kiss her tits. She let go John’s cock just long enough to push Darren’s head between her legs. John took the opportunity to remove his jeans and boxers and all three of them were naked. John moved and positioned his cock near her mouth and she took the tip in her mouth and started to suck him. Her lips were just below the head and I could see her mouth moving as her tongue was licking the head while her lips were moving just a fraction up and down on the rim.

Darren buried his head between her legs and she spread them wide. I watched him sucking frantically on her clit as she slowly sucked on John’s cock, then his head went a little further down and I could see her cunt all wet. She stopped sucking John and looked down at Darren and opened her legs wider and pushed her hips into him. “You fucking bastard” she groaned - his tongue was up her arse. She fucking loved that and would often wank herself while I did that. She grabbed John’s cock and started to wank it furiously while sucking him. She felt for his arm, then his hand, then pulled his hand to her cunt to finger her. He was rubbing her clit with the heel of his palm while fingering her while Darren had his tongue right up her arse. “Fucking hell” said John and started to finger her harder and faster, then all his body jerked as he spunked in her mouth. She stopped wanking him with her hand and she squeezed his balls as he emptied them into her mouth and down her throat. He stopped fingering her and she took her mouth off his cock and there was spunk on her lips - his cock was still twitching and drops of spunk dripped off on to her tits. She moved slightly and started to push harder on to Darren and his tongue went further up her arse. She started to finger herself and started to breathe heavy - “you fucking dirty bastard” she said then her whole body shook as she spunked. Darren never flinched and kept his tongue right up her arse while she writhed about.

John looked a bit bemused - he’d just licked my wife’s cunt while she spunked on him, she’d just sucked him off and his cock was still stiff and twitching.

Although she was lay on her back on the seat, her arms and legs just flopped down - she looked knackered - she glistened from small beads of sweat all over her body. Darren knelt right up and leaned over to kiss her - she turned her head away in mock disgust but he planted his lips on hers and they kissed slowly - he’d just had his tongue up her arse while she spunked. His cock was still stiff and he manoeuvred himself between her legs, his cock twitching at the entrance to her cunt. She broke off kissing him and said “that was fucking disgusting” and pushed her hips against his cock. “I want fucking” she said and he pushed gently and his cock disappeared right up her cunt. “Kiss me” she said and she pulled him into her and kissed him - she did that all the time when I’d licked her arse. He got off his knees a little and sort of stood up as far as he could then straightened his body so he was at about 45 degrees. She was laid under him, her legs wrapped round him while he fucked her hard, her tits bouncing on every stroke. She pulled him into her again to kiss her and her breathing quickened. “Fuck me, I’m going to spunk” he said and his thighs started to shake as he spunked up her cunt. He carried on for what seemed like ages then he finally leaned back and I watched as his stiff cock slowly came out of my wife’s cunt and spunk dripped off the end into her cunt hair. She leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth and sucked him dry.

She turned towards John and spread her legs and he leaned forward and penetrated her right to the hilt in one push. She started to gyrate against him and she wrapped her arms round his neck and hung on while he fucked her. Again, her tits bounced with every stroke and she started to quicken her gyrations and I knew she was coming. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” she kept saying then she groaned deeply and shuddered. John started to fuck her harder and his face contorted as he started to spunk up her - he kept pounding away and she had 2 consecutive orgasms while he was spunking up her and finally he withdrew, his cock still hard and twitching and dribbling spunk like Darren’s She leant forward again and licked his cock dry too.

Darren was sat upright as he’d watched his mate shag my wife and his cock still hadn’t subsided, and John collapsed on the other side, his cock still semi-hard too. Carol was sat between them, hair all over the place and looking as wanton as anyone ever had.

She leaned forward and said “come on love, shag me” - I was out of my jeans and shorts in one and through the gap in the front seats. We had a favourite position for a ‘slow sensuous shag’ where I would be knelt and she would sit astride me - I loved that because I could feel her tits against my chest, I could penetrate her right up to the hilt, my cock hair would brush against her cunt hair and we could kiss. I knelt with my knees against the seat and she straddled me. I could feel spunk dripping on to my cock and I knew it would be seconds only. I felt her cunt, warm and wet as my cock entered her and the sensation of feeling it up her cunt while it was full of spunk was like nothing I’d ever experienced. She looked at me, wriggled right up to me and I felt her cunt hair against my cock her and her tits, warm and sticky against my chest. We started to move together slowly and she looked at me and kissed me - I could taste spunk on her lips but I carried on, then she opened her mouth and tongued me and I could taste spunk even more - within seconds my cock erupted up her cunt. I seemed to spunk continuously and I could feel it spurting up her jet after jet. She pulled away from kissing me and put her lips against my neck and sucked and she shuddered as she spunked - no noise, no language, just a deep shudder. I could feel all her juices and all the spunk running down my cock and onto my hair and my cock was still twitching in her cunt.

She lifted her head and kissed me again, then leant back and I pulled out of her and for the 3rd time, she leant forward to suck a cock dry, mine - my heart had been racing all night and my cock had never softened once since we left the pub. I was still hard and as she sucked and sucked I could feel myself building up again and I told her I was coming. She squeezed my balls as I spunked in her mouth and she opened her mouth and wanked me so I could see the spunk spurt in her mouth. She started to suck me again and sucked and sucked until I was spent, then she leant back in the seat.

It still hadn’t really sunk in - I was naked in the back of our car, my wife was naked too, sat between two young lads also naked, she’d sucked each one of them off, each one had fucked her, I’d fucked her and then she’d just sucked me off. She’d been fucked three times, she’d swallowed three times and she’d spunked herself 5 times, I think.

I looked at Darren’s cock and he was still semi hard, as was John, and as was I.

She turned towards Darren and started to wank him and his cock stiffened properly. She pulled him round onto her and his cock slid straight in her cunt. There was no subtlety here now - he was banging away for all he was worth and she groaned on every stroke. She reached to her right and started to wank John and he turned and knelt up so she could wank him properly. Darren muttered “fucking hell” and for the 2nd time, emptied his balls right up her cunt - he pulled out and knelt up beside her and she licked his cock again as she pulled John between her legs - “fuck me hard” she said and he started to fuck her in long, hard strokes - each time he banged her, she sucked deeper on Darren’s cock and they got a rhythm going. He gradually quickened then put his hands under her arse and pulled her into him and said “I’m going to spunk up your fucking cunt again” and she stopped sucking Darren and bucked against him as he shot jet after jet after jet of spunk into her. Darren grabbed his cock and started to wank furiously. “I’m going to spunk” he said and she opened her mouth and he wanked in it. Some shot on her cheeks and top lip and dribbled down into her mouth - she licked all round the head of his cock, then sucked it deep and he collapsed in a heap in the seat. John’s cock was still in her and she reached down and held it as she pulled it out. He knelt beside her for her to lick it clean and she did. “Wank on me” she said to him, but he said “I don’t think I can - I’m done for” She smiled at him, sucked him for a few seconds and he collapsed too.

“I need a fucking fag” said Darren and reached for his jeans - he got his fag packet and lit 4 fags one after the other, giving the first one to Carol. He put his jeans on and got out of the car - the warm night air felt oddly cool as it wafted in the car, and John put his jeans on too and got out. They closed their doors and walked to the front of our car and leaned against the bonnet, smoking.

I looked at Carol and she looked fantastic - sweaty, hair all over, wanton and naked. My cock was still rock hard and she blew me a kiss. “Will you do something” she said, and I just said “anything, anything at all”. She wound the window down a bit and threw her fag out. “I want you to lick me” she said. I just looked at her and she said “you just said anything at all”. I threw my fag out too, and shouted through the window “will you lads give us a few minutes” and they said “yep” and walked to the front of John’s Capri. “You know what I want” she said, and I did. She lay back on the seat and I knelt in the footwell - she opened her legs and started to play with her clit. “Fucking lick my cunt you bastard” she said and she pulled me into her. I started to lick her cunt and I could taste the spunk. “Lick the fucking spunk from my cunt” she said, and I did - she sped up wanking herself and she said “do it, fucking do it, do it now” and I pushed my tongue up her arse. “You fucking dirty bastard” she screamed as she wanked herself to orgasm with my tongue as far up her arse as I could get it. I grabbed her head and she struggled but I planted my lips on hers and she mock struggled for a few seconds then opened her mouth and we French kissed. “Lick me again” she said and I said “where, your arse ?” and she slapped me and said “of course not, that’s dirty”. She turned me over so I was lay face up across the seat and she started to suck me. She moved round and climbed on the seat astride my chest and lowered her cunt to me. Spunk was dripping out and she pushed down. She sucked me slowly and sensuously as I licked her cunt, my hands on her arse pulling her cunt open. She ran her fingers through my cock hair with one hand as she sucked me and gently squeezed my balls with the other and it sent me wild. “I’m going to come” I said and she reached underneath her and started to rub her clit, and she deep throated me as I ejaculated against the roof of her mouth. She was gurgling as she was swallowing and she gagged and I felt a mouthful drop on my stomach, but she was coming herself and she just couldn’t swallow. She flopped on top of me, spent, and I was kissing her thighs and cunt and arse. She got up and climbed off and I sat up and she cuddled up to me.

She pulled me down to her a little and kissed me. “I love you”, she said, and I choked up. “We’d better get dressed”, I said and looked at my watch and it was 11.30. We were in the pub about 8.30, out about 9.45 and parked up here about 9.55 or so. Within the space of less than 90 minutes, our new best mates had fucked her twice each, she sucked each one off twice and Darren had wanked in her mouth.

We both got dressed and as we got out of the car, John said “have you finished then”, and she said “for now”. They got their shoes and socks and shirts and got dressed.

“I don’t suppose you’re here next week are you”, said John. I said “you’d better ask the boss”. “Maybe”, she said, “but we will be back, if not next week, the week after”. “That’s if you want us too”, she added

“I live on my own about 20 minutes away, maybe you’d like to come there”, said Darren. “Is it quieter than here”, she grinned. “Yeah”, he said, “much quieter”. She smiled. “Do you think I’d like it better than here”, and he said “oh yes - more quiet, more space”. She smiled at him - “OK” she said.

We shook hands, she kissed them both, then we got in the car and drove off.

And that was it. We took a wrong turn on the way out, turning left instead of right, so we followed them to the main road, then we set off home. I was still hard and she was brushing her hair constantly. She’d left her bra and knickers off but we didn’t stop on the way home that night to shag, mainly because we wanted to get home and get to it, and we shagged like mad when we got in bed.

We went back 2 weeks later at around 8.30 again and just waited in the car park. John’s Capri wasn’t there so we just waited to see if they turned up, and they did about 8.45. We skipped the pub and went straight to Darren’s - what a night - we were there until after 2.00.

I’ll post that in the next week or two.

It became a regular thing, afterwards, involved more people and it still is a regular thing even now in our fifties. We did the readers wives chalet thing too, and I’ll post that one as well.

George and Carol - all names are real, by the way.