Written by dun

23 Jun 2008

My wife and myself went for a drink in the country yesterday. I had to drink coke as I was driving but my wife had a couple of large red wines which made her a bit tipsy. On the way home we stopped at the local picnic area where we had our first sexual fumbles many years ago. We started to have a bit of a fumble when we saw another car pull up beside us. We looked across and a chap of about 25 looked back and smiled my wife said we should go but I reminded her of one of her fantasies was to be shagged by a good looking younger bloke. My wife smiled back whereby he got out of his car and walked round to our car. He pulled a condom out of his pocket and waited our reaction. My wife climbed into the back seat opened the door pulled her skirt up to her waist and her knickers down to her knees. She bent over doggy style whilst he put the condom onto a fairly large erection. She groaned as he pushed himself into her then panted and squealed as he pounded away at her now squelchy pussy. He suddenly groaned as he came. Then as quickly as he had appeared he was gone into the gathering gloom. This was all over in a few minutes with not a word being spoken. It was our first dogging experience but hopefully not our last.